Thursday, November 22, 2018

Perpetual Thanksgiving

Giving thanks today for all God's goodness in my life.
I have dear, huge family to love, and be loved by, sweet grandkids to delight me,
my home, good health,  a fun business I enjoy, and way too many possessions!

But, this is not my normal Thanksgiving Day.
I am having an unusually quiet day, nursing a sore arm, a case of cellulitis.
 Antibiotics and rest will make it better in a couple days.
It's hard to type, and it feels better when I immobilize and elevate my arm.
But I didn't make dinner or any pies, so I feel a little weird.
 Don't worry, I had a feast at my sister's last Saturday,

That's my Mother on the left, so grateful she is still with us!  My sweet sisters and hubs,
nieces and nephews. they're all such a blessing to me!  We have such fun together!

and will celebrate again this Saturday at my daughter's home.
 I am not skipping Thanksgiving traditions, or any meals, that's for sure!
         But it's made me slow down, for a couple days, and gain new insights.
   Stopped in the neighborhood diner, and saw lots of single mothers
 serving food to strangers, wishing they could be home.
 I took notice of many single and older people who are sitting alone for the holiday.
My daughter-in-law just had surgery, so she didn't have her usual get-together.
A friend just called to say his sister died yesterday.
My niece is separated for the first time, from her twin, who just  joined the Navy.
 A favorite aunt lost her grandson recently, and
 My niece's sweet Pop-pop just died this week, and my brother and his wife love him so much
Many have lost loved ones recently, and are sadly looking at the empty chair.

My church had a massive collection of food to make baskets for the needy
 in our community. hard to believe there is such suffering , right in my neighborhood, in this properous country.  Thank God for the outpouring of love at church, people generously sharing.

Almost every person got up and brought forth  one or two grocery bags-ful. Beautiful!
All these things are making me think.
Not everyone is having a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving.
So many are hurting, struggling, lonely, or less fortunate than me.

Dear Lord,      Please help me to stay mindful of others and their needs,
 and give me a spirit of giving to share what I have. Give me eyes to see 
their pain, and help me take the time and do something to help them, 
or cheer them at least.  Don't let me get caught up in the competion
 and rat-race of  "who's got the best Christmas decorations?"
I'll use what I have already, and enjoy simple traditions from my
 family Christmases past, for they are snetimental treasures. 

 But instead, help me to spread joy and  effectively teach my grandkids
 the true meaning of Christmas.  We will still bake like crazy,
 we'll go see the Christmas displays, and do all the fun stuff,  but now I'll
have deeper gratitude, more compassion,and true understanding of others.
 Thank you Lord,  Amen

Love to you and your family, as you celebrate your blessings!

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Marilyn Miller said...

Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart today. Sorry you are struggling a bit. Enjoy your late Thanksgiving.