Saturday, September 9, 2017

Back to School

and crazy, way too-early mornings, rushing around to get down to the bus stop.
7 am, a little too early for these little guys, and he has over an hour-long ride to the schoolhouse!
Eager beaver!
Smiling, excited about first day of 2nd grade!

Of course,  little sister has to go to the bus stop too!

First day, so exciting!  Whole family affair- snapping lots of photos,
frantic posting on facebook!  So excited!
Grandma Linda had to be there too!

And he's off!
Oh dear God,  Will he be okay, did he go potty, did I remember everything,
should I have given him allergy medicine???  I forgot to pray with him before he left,
 will he be scared, will he be confident, will the other kids be nice to him?
He's so little, but so grown-up. He'll be fine, he's so happy to be going back to school, to see his friends again, and make new ones.  He'll be home before we know it, with stories to tell!

Second day- Grandma takes him, didn't wake little sister,
and she'll be mad when I get back.
He woke up and got ready all by himself .  no fanfare, no entourage, just me and Tommy at the bus stop, and I remembered to pray with him, with my hand on his head!

We have a little litany, that I made up a couple years ago,
Tommy grinned as I began to recite it,
and then he rolled his eyes.

"Pitch black!
Middle of  the night,
  freezing our buns off,
cold as can be,
 so early, 
the sun's not even up.
winds blowin'
 leaves fallin,
 we're here, all ready
but where's that silly schoolbus?"
(Add lyrics-snow, sleet, rain, fog, accordingly)

Wait a half hour, then the big yellow bus comes around the corner-

And then suddenly, they're gone,
 and you pray,
Dear God, please keep that child safe
 and help him be good and help him learn.
Forgive me my impatience as we scramble to find everything,
struggle to get everything done.
Help me to create a calmer atmosphere tomorrow.
Remind me to be grateful for the calamity of hectic mornings at home
 with these precious little ones.
And Lord,  please don't let him grow up so fast!
Sissy couldn't sleep at nap-time, because she was afraid
she'd  miss going to get her brother at the bus stop.
 Back to school,
I'm  kinda sad summer is ending, and there are so many things
I  had wanted to do with the kids. (sigh)

Ah well, we've got homework,  and I want to hear all about his day!

Sure are ready for bedtime at 8:00!  I mean, I was!
 God bless school teachers and schoolbus drivers!-
 (  be sure to add that on to your bedtime prayers tonight, with the God-blesses!)

Happy Back-to-School Days!
 Love, Linda

Friday, August 4, 2017

In Loving Memory of My Son

  Gary Wayne Young Jr. - April 23, 1973 - August 4, 2015

Forever in our hearts

       If I could only speak to Gary today, I'd tell him how much I love him, and how much it still hurts to lose him.  I miss him so.
 I'm thankful for my memories. I appreciate the love I feel from everyone who loved him.  It's a big comfort when you mention him, it honors him.. I wish he'd known how much we loved him.
       I'm so grateful for the peace God has given me, for I know Gary is with Jesus, made whole again, and enjoying a happy eternal life.  It's important for me to focus on that assurance, or I couldn't accept his death.
Gary is safe

                             My heart breaks for his children, who lost their dad too soon.
I want Amber to know- Daddy loved you more than anything!
 A part of him lives on and is with us all the time, and one day
 we can be with him again.

I want my grandson Gary to know that Daddy loved you
so much and was so very proud of you.
 He did the best he could for you, and wished he could do more.
He had high hopes for you, knew you would do great things with your life ,
Had enormous respect for you,  knew how smart and resourceful you are.
 I am sorry for my daughters, who dearly loved their brother and miss him so.
 Please know you were wonderful sisters and he dearly loved you. 
 He simply adored you, and he looked up to you so much!

 I feel sad for his wife, his father, his grandmothers, his aunts, his cousins
 and all who loved him. I ask God  to give you the same peace He has given me,
 that passes all understanding.  And a "knowing", that we'll see him again one day.
 Please never hesitate to speak of Gary, I want to keep his memory alive. 
It's okay now.  No  more struggles, no more pain or suffering.
He is where he belongs, he is home.

Love, Linda

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Good old summertime....

       It is so much harder watching the kids when school is out.
 They are constantly fighting over toys, TV shows, snacks, whose turn it is -  everything.
 I tried to see if I could send them to Vacation Bible School, but the church is only having
 it for one day.  And the little one can't go- it's for ages 4-12.  So much for that idea!
 Have to find my own entertainment for them.
Miss Emilie is just 3, going on 16.
A little monkey-into everything!

I did find that I could take them outside with
sidewalk chalk and choose separate areas, 
after 5 pm- when it's cooler and shady on their
 huge driveway.  
They were both content to make big drawings, 
and leave each other alone for a while.  Ahhhhh!  

A visit to the post office
included a stop the  ice cream stand
next door.

Takes a little effort
 to channel their energies and take
 the time to stop
 doing housework
 or whatever I'm doing,  and just
give them all
my attention. 
I must stop and
Emilie, Tommy and Remus
He's named after a
Harry Potter character
set up an activity
    for them, but boy,
is it worth it!

 We also have a 
cute new  kitten.       They are pretty good about sharing, taking turns holding the  cat and letting him go, when kitty's had enough of them. 
They like to feed
and water him too. 
 It's fun getting a first pet, and a little responsibility. 
We're hoping our 
allergies won't be
 too bad. 

Emmie planting Tommy's  peas in  Mommy's  philodendron
     I tried making a garden. But  one day Miss Emilie opened the peas packet and planted them in the philodendron pot in the dining room,   I knew she was up to something, because she was quiet, then she ran to the silverware drawer, grabbed a fork and took off. I caught up with her trying to cover the seeds, Now, I thought -that was pretty darn smart!  Then  I told her that was nice, but they need to be out in the garden, so I let her help me transplant them into the raised garden bed, now that the strawberries are done. They are doing quite well , and there's chicken wire around the bed, so I don't think the bunnies will get them.  Hopefully we'll soon have fresh peas!
showed her how nicely the tomato plants  were growing, but she couldn't resist picking the tiny green fruits, so now we don't have  any tomatoes growing.
     I did throw the halved little green baby tomatoes in the pickle jar, and a couple days later Tommy was impressed. "Grandma, can we make more green tomato pickles?"
 Emilie is a little imp!  
Daddy has the solution. he says, 
"Take them out of the house, and
 they're better behaved. " 
He's right, they need the excercise
 and fresh air, and it 's good  for me too!

 She takes her job of watering Mommy's urns that we planted
 for Mother's Day.
 They are "thrill,spill and fill" planters with  spiky dracaena, purple petunias,verbena, and vinca and they look great, (but dry out a little on the days Grandma isn't there).
 But at least I'm trying to teach them something , have a little structure, and
some chores and resposibility.
They like to take walks.
Tommy calls them nature walks,
 and he looks for new bugs, rocks, etc.
 Emmie, likes to push her doll coach.
Tommy insisted on making a rainbow
jello-filled watermelon surprise
for Dad for Father's Day.

No matter how much they may wear me out some days,
(it's just like being a young mother), I wouldn't give it up for anything.
 It's keeping me young and fit, and happy.   I'm keeping my cool, and I'm so blessed 
to be so involved in their lives, and have the best job ever- being a granny-nanny!

               Dear Lord,                                                                                             
                                 Please help me be patient and wise to teach them 
               how to behave. Guide me in ways to teach them about you!
      And give me strength to endure my blessings!  Amen

 Love, Linda

Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Etsy-Selling Secrets

   As I reached  1000 sales in my Etsy shop, I felt pretty excited.  I've been growing my
Etsy shop for 5 years!  It's a wonderful online marketplace for handcrafted and vintage things!
    Actually there were more than 1000 sales,  including some returns, cancellations,
 breakage and refunds,, and multiple purchases counting as one. 
     Selling Etsy from home is time consuming, and takes a lot of space. If I had a storefront
it could be displayed somewhere else, and not so invasive in my home. But, an online store
 reaches more people, and there are benefits of working from home..  
    I feel as though it serves some remote customers and even helps people.  I imagine some
folks can't get out to shop for many reasons, or don''t have antique and vintage, collectibles
 shops nearby.  Some people say, online selling is impersonal, but I have a lot of satisfaction interacting with my customers.

  I once got an order for a fancy  dress. The lady said she had trouble finding clothing
that fit her, but she needed something special for her grandson's wedding.
 She seldom wore a dress, and was hesitant to buy it. I sent her two dresses, in case
 one didin't work.   But once she tried it on, she just loved this green beaded gown.
  It made her feel so beautiful for the first time, and she felt so condfident at her son's
wedding, that she sent me a picture!  I felt so good, knowing this sweet lady was a very
happy customer and looked  stunning in a gown from my shop!

    One time a woman ordered some Sporto Canvas slingback shoes.  She thought they were fabulous and wore them to work. By the end of the day, the sole was entirely loose and flapping.  She got many laughs. I felt terrible, imagining her embarrassment.  I was surprised because they looked fine when I shipped them, but then they came apart first time she wore them!   But she said she wanted to keep them and would like a partial refund, just  to pay  cobbler  repairs.  I talked her into trying a good shoe glue, "Shoe Goo" that I had used.  I gave her the money to buy it. She used it and the problem was solved.

Shoe Goo is available at Walmart

     Another time a young woman bought a small vintage purse and later wrote me a lovely letter.
  She told me her elderly father had owned the company, and he had designed and manufactured
these beautiful  leather bags many years ago.   Since she was a little girl, her life's dream was to help her daddy design handbags!
So when she Googled and found a Perlina bag, she had to have one of his creations. When she received it, he was so pleased to see one on his proud pieces still existed and in such good condition!   She'll always cherish it, and is inspired to reproduce an updated version of that design
She hopes to make it again, now that she manages the company!  She made me so happy!
A Perlina Bag

 Here's my secrets for selling vintage in your Etsy shop:
   ☆ Write a really good description, with good measurements. You can't say too much about the     item.  They will ask you for silly details many times if you don't give enough details.
   ☆Use all five photos!   Sometimes my photography is not so great, but I will go
    back later, when I have more time, and edit - adding better retakes.
   ☆Add a little personal comment, funny remark or suggestion,
 as though you were talking to the person live,  in your shop.
   ☆ Be truthful about flaws, They won't mind complaining and returning items that aren't perfect!
 But probably will accept imperfections if you state them and price accordingly.
 Naturally, Vintage is used, older, and of course, it sometimes shows a little wear or discoloration,
 ( we call it patina)  so be up front about that.    Somebody will still want it, but you have to represent it honestly.
   ☆ If you sell out of something, and someone else  "favorited" it, Then you acquire another one.... Take the time to notify that potential customer that you are listing it again, and quickly list it again. This may lead to another quick sale.
   ☆ Communication is so important. If I can't find an item that is ordered within a week,  I have learned to tell the customer the truth,    Simply, " I am sorry, but I can't locate the item".
Sometimes I  cancel the sale, promptly give a full refund,  and tell them I'll notify them
 when I find it. They are usually very understanding.  I got my only bad feedback from
a lady I didn't notify, because I kept searching for the item for over 10 days, and didn't
tell her I couldn't find it.  Even though I finally located it, and send it within 14 days of
when she ordered it,  she gave me only 1 star and complained that I didn't communicate.
         All my other feedbacks are ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ !    Oh no!  My perfect reputation ruined!
  ☆ I try to ship in 2-3 days, and tell the customer if it will be longer.
Be considerate, especially since you already have their money!
  ☆ I spend the extra money to insure breakables.  Sounds like common sense, but I learned the hard way when customers claimed items I had packed very well were broken upon arrival.
I suspect customer may have lied and said this lid arrived broken,
but I hadn't insured it,  so I got stuck with giving a  full refund.

 Now I own this cute little  set, minus the lid!

     And lastly,
 ☆ Clearly state your return policy. I give a full refund if the customer returns the item
 within 14 days, for whatever reason, Customer pays return shipping.

You want a shop?
 Have fun with it.  If you enjoy dealing with vintage, your joy will shine through and your customers will feel it. They are looking at your vintage shop, because they like old things too!
I think if I didn't have fun doing this, it wouldn't be worth it!
 Vintage is a way of life. My home is filled with old things, which I prefer over new things.
I am delighted when I find a dingy hand crocheted tablecloth that needs TLC.
 I appreciate it and love the challenge of washing it, drying it in the sun and watching it become a restored beauty.
 I don't mind craze lines and small chips. I keep and use the unsaleables that are damaged, but still pretty! I sell the best of my finds, and I love the hunt, the research and handling old things.

 I only regret when I have to sell something that I really wanted to keep!

j. k.    I really didn't like these guys at all!
 Customer bought them after a trip to the Universal Studios. Her kid  really
 wanted these exact doll characters, and they couldn't buy them in the souvenir shop,
So she bought them from me for a surprise Christmas gift!

The funniest thing I ever sold in my Etsy shop, was my ex-husband's  old swim trunks from when he was a teenager!  They said "Grubb" all over them.

But I  do have fun handling my vintage treasures, in  the process of putting them in my Etsy or my booth at the antiques mall.  I love doing the display work. I am always up for  the hunt for vintage treasures. I see the quality in handcrafted items, and the beauty in things used long ago, from another era.

Occasionally I enjoy exhibiting at local antique shows and rubbing shoulders with the other dealers. I learn so much from them. I make good connections, hear about other venues, and find out where to shop for more vintage treasures.

Part of my booth at a weekend Antiques Show in my hometown, 
We only have a few hours to set up!

Do you like vintage too?  

If you decide to be a dealer, you better like it, because it will surround you and take up all your space,
 and consume most of your time and energy.

What's your favorite selling site, and what makes your shop successful? 

I wish you lots of happiness buying and selling vintage! 

Love, Linda

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Shot down

What's a girl to do when she's got all kinds of vintage goodness to sell and just a little space in an antiques co-op?  Clutter up her booth, of course.   Expensive space, so it's got to carry as much as I can possibly fit into it, right?    It's been a slow start in a new place, and I just made my rent for the first time in December, after being there for over a  year.  Seems foolish right?  But I didn't want to give up, and the sales were growing, a little more each month, as people discovered the mall, and found me - way in the back.

    I just put an enamel- topped table in, it's red and white, in great shape.  I figured it would look cute for Valentine's Day, and I thought it would fly out the door. Wrong.
   It's still there. So I just took down the Valentine's Day decorations and  moved a few things around, took a few things home and added a dozen new items.
My Cluttered Booth
Carnival of Collectables

Next week, I am participating in an Antiques and Collectibles Show in  Vineland, N.J. so I will clear out a bunch of stuff and take it there, It will be nice to display in a new place, and it's price-tagged already, it should be easy to move stock and take it to a new audience.  Then my booth will look decluttered,  That's my plan.
Here's the kind of stuff I sell in the Carnival of Collectables

 A toy section and a baby gift section in the booth at Carnival of Collectables

   Another  recent dissapointment .
 I tried to open a used-furniture/ repurposed/ vintage store in a property I rent with another lady.
 We had canvassed the neighborhood and everyone thought our idea was grand!  We were prepared, as the township requires that everyone within 250 ft of the property be notified and given a chance to object to changes in land use.

  But we got shot down at the planning board meeting!    Evidently, the city engineer recommended ADA requirements be met,  and new paving, Unfortunately the landlord doesn't want to spend any money on improvements.  Sadly,he  knew this was going to happen and didn't even tell us, but he led us on,  telling us that he would do anything to help us have a store, but  then he withdrew the variance application!  Here we were with our hopes up, planning a great little place where women create, where we could sell cool stuff, and we never had a chance.   There I was with my mouth hanging open, speechless!     My arms full of papers with a petition from the neighbors.  I was ready to explain my business plan, eager to give  my polished elevator pitch,   But, it was never going to be.   Meeting  American Disabilities requirements and new paving is just too much of a hassle for a small business with no money to spend and a stubborn landlord.
    There goes our dreams of holiday bazaars, and painting classes. No people are allowed to visit our building.   All we wanted was a quiet little shop, open a few days a week at most.  Now  the other lady is leaving and going somewhere else, and I am stuck with renting a building I can only use for storage.  I wish I could buy an old barn or some kind of big old building and do what I want with it. It's really tough in this backwards community, with a poor economy. Defeated again.  Haven't gotten over the loss of my other warehouse, and all the work moving from there yet,  and now more problems.

 So here's some new items added to my Etsy shop, which is the only thing working for me right now.

Isn't this the coolest handled reamer, in Jadite!

A cute set of milkglass  pedestal mugs

a darling little dutch girl dolly

   So I continue to list  more vintage goodness on my Etsy shop,   I have over 1000 items, just as many sales and  very good  feedback from happy customers!   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
 I keep my booth filled to the brim.
I will have yardsales as soon as the weather permits and also sell on the online yardsales.
 It's February still and I have a way to go, but spring will come, the economy will pick up and I will survive,

Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, 
all ye that hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24

 Please just don't  let me hear anyone say I should just get rid of the junk,  I can't stand it if someone says,"it's hopeless, why don't you give up",  and "you shouldn't  have your booth cluttered".  Where am I supposed to put stuff, when my storage is maxxed out, my retail possibilities just vanished?

 Frustrated, but still hopeful!    Love , Linda

Monday, February 6, 2017

Lost an old friend one year ago this week. I knew him since 7th grade.
Can't believe he's gone.    I felt so proud of his kids, as if I was related, but I'm not.
I felt so old thinking about his life being over.  He's my age- too young to die.

 I wanted to see him again, I looked forward to being with him at our 45th,
 and 50th class reunion.  I hope he knew how much he was loved and admired.
 My mother is losing her friends, but they are elderly.  We're not supposed to lose the young!
Every loss I face reminds me of my own loss,
 every funeral I attend   - I  relive my son's untimely death..

     Now their birthdays are near.  My friend's and my son's.   Birthdays in Heaven.
I know that's a better place, but I still have tears, and feel sad.
 I thought I would stop feeling so sensitive, like it just happened.
Why am I still weepy,  will it ever stop hurting?
           Because it changes you forever,
           and no,   it will not stop,  it will always hurt.

   Losing my son changes everything about my life,  everyday.
  It changes what I think about, what he would be doing, what I wish I had done,
 what plans I will make.  How I think about everybody else, how I respond to them.
Maybe I'm a little more serious, and I care more, and love a little deeper,
 Only thing I can do is go on.  Just one day at a time,
 living my life to the fullest, as best I can, dwelling in a place of hope. Spending lots of time
in wistful memories.  
 God promised life eternal for him, and me too!  He promised never to leave me alone.
I must continue. to think on all that is good and right in my life.
  That's what our loved ones want us to do.
I'm imagining that Gary is watching me, and I'm wanting him to smile and be proud.
Now as the leaf  buds are appearing and spring arrives, I think of Easter,
and Jesus' death and resurrection.  I think of renewal, and rebirth and  new beginnings,
fresh starts.
My son has a new life, new beginning, in a new place.  He is in God's care, with Jesus!
So with that reassurance,  I can go on and live my life here, cherish each day because life is too short.
Dear God, please restore me, refresh my spirit show me your purpose.  Life goes on, as the waves never stop coming in  crashing the shore. And I feel small and humble when I see the ocean,, but I feel your power and might, and know you are in control.

 I have hope, I'm looking forward.  Spring will come.
                                                                  Love, Linda

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Letter to my Teenaged Granddaughter

Dear Granddaughter,

I know you think I am old and I don't understand how it is today.
I know you think you're all grown up, and you can take care of yourself.
I know you believe your aunt and I are  " talking trash on you",
  when we mention your mistakes and dangerous activities,
   but we're not.  We are very concerned and looking for advice and reassurance
  from each other about you. We always determine that in the end,you will be okay.
 Grandmothers and aunties, like mothers, are worried about you sometimes
when we see you making poor choices, or getting hurt.
We know more about life because we've been around longer,
 but we don't think we are smarter,  or better than you.

I believe in you, I want the best for you, I'll do anything I can for you.
I hope you'll trust me when you need someone to talk to. Any time, about anything.
I pray for you, and I know God loves you and will always help you if you ask Him.

I wish you still found me fun and interesting, like you did when you were small.
I wish you would call me once in a while, just for a brief conversation.
 I don't want to take up all your time.  I really don't want to dominate your thoughts,
 I realize you are busy with school and work and your social life.
 I want you to have fun on your free time.
 You are only young and free for a short time before the obligations
of jobs,  marriage and family take over your life.

 Take your time and don't rush into a marriage or relationship until you're really
 ready for a commitment, because you'll never be freer than you are now.
You can never get time back, but marriage and raising children will be much better
when you are mature and balanced.
 It is wise to get your education done first, it's so much  harder to do that
when you have other people to consider besides yourself.

  Most importantly, please don't ignore God.  It is impossible to get through
 all the hard times without faith, and with God all things are possible!
 You can do all things through Christ who will give you strength.
 He is always with you, He will never leave you.

 I have a lot more ideas, but I will only share them if you are interested.
I don't care to run your life, I am busy enough trying to run mine!

 I love you so much.
 Being your grandmother is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Love, Grandma Linda 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It's my 6th Blog anniversary!

and I haven't posted for a while because no one is reading it or letting me know if they did.
 Six years ago, I started blogging on my mother's birthday, with baby Tommy on my lap,  I had recently become a grandmother and was learning to use the internet.   I was following blogs about home decor,  and grandparenting. I thought I'd like to blog too.   I wanted to start an online business with  Etsy, which I did a year later.    I wanted to share my faith, promote my business and talk about things that matter to families and home.  A lot has happened since then.

 Today I went to my breast surgeon.  It's almost two years since my surgery.  She said I looked great and I am healing, and there seem to be no signs of recurrence.  This is fantastic news!  I'm sticking around folks!  God has plans for me! There's things to do, messes to clean up, work to be done, much to accomplish, much to learn!

  It is my mother's 86th birthday too!  She's had a tough past year, with several hospital stays and extended rehab center visits.  But she is doing well and looks great!  Party time this Sunday!  Can't wait to see all my family.
My mother and my little grandkids, Tommy and Emilie

   I have become so sentimental.  Cancer and  the loss of my son,  has made me an old softee!
   I walk around talking to God,    Thanking Him, because  He gave me so much.
   Thank you Lord for my family!
  Thank you for healing me, for keeping me alive!
I am so grateful for each day,  and value every moment with my loves-my grandkids, my kids, my sisters and brothers, my parents, nieces and nephews, my step-children and grandchildren, (who I love like my own),  and my dear  friends . Thank you for the new nieces and nephews and baby grand nephews and grandnieces, the boyfriends and husbands in this ever-growing family!
   The "God Bless list " is getting longer all the time when I pray with Tommy,
  while I'm tucking him in.
  I don't take anything for granted, since I survived breast cancer. I treasure each day I live.
  I have a huge family,  and so many to love!
I know I am blessed beyond  what I could ever deserve.
 Thank you Lord for my many blessings!

Thank you, especially today, on her birthday- for my mother!
Thank you for my closeness to her, her unfailing love and devotion,
her example of undaunting faith.
 As she ages, help me be patient and gentle with her, Slowing down, not always hearing well,
and limping in pain-  the reality of getting older is very frustrating to her and us.
 Lord, help me treasure her and learn all I can while I still have her.
 I  realize many of my friends have already lost their parents!

  So, I don't have any recipes today, or a pretty house to show you.

  Just plain and simple, my message to you is love your family and God.
 God gave you your family. He will help all of you through this crazy life
 in this mixed up world, He'll help you with your family problems.
He'll heal all the hurts, give you all the grace you need to truly love people,
 even when you think you can't.
 He helps you forgive the wrongs they do to you, when you feel you can't.
 He heals your broken heart, gives you strength to stand up again
when you lose one you love, and you think you can't go on without them.

    From Him comes courage and strength to try again when you fail each other.
  He always gives you another chance, forgives all.
It's amazing  grace and unconditional love, that He gives us because He's our Father.
   I'm the big sister. I have to make sure my family gets this.
 It's about time I start sharing this. We never know when we might lose our life,
 run out of chances. I learned that lesson for sure!

 Find God and ask Him into your life, because you can't make it without Him,
Everything else will fall into place if you just trust Him.   He loves you,
 and wants you to love Him. He is the only one that can satisfy your longings,
give you peace, and eternal life.
 I hope you'll accept this simple truth, because it's the best thing I could ever
 share with you, and I know it's true.
 My mother taught me this, and  I wanted to make sure you heard it from me!
 The first Bible verse she taught me is John 3:16

Jesus Loves Me was the first  Sunday School song I remember singing.
My mother always tells me,
"You have to be sure your children are saved,  that they know the Lord"

Find hope in Jesus!

How could I sit here and blog away without telling you the only things that matter?

Happy Birthday Mother!
       I told them!

Love, Linda 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wish List

Miss Emilie and the toy catalog
"I want this and this and this........"            
  So cute!

Big brother made a wish list too!

Emilie and Tommy, 2016 Christmas Card photo

Oh, the sweet innocence of children.
 That I could have their simple faith, free spirits, pure imagination,and untarnished souls.

 I wish I could turn back time, but there's no do-overs!

A Christmas long ago, when my life was simpler 
My son Gary was about 12,
my daughters Julie 6, and Amy 5.

My son with his kids, about 10 years ago.

I  sometimes wish for things I can't have.
My son to come back,  for now he's spending Christmas in Heaven.
I wish for Heroin to stop taking lives, ruining lives.
 I wish to be told I'm cancer-free, and a cure for cancer to be found.
I wish for our country to find harmony, that this great land would be healed.,
 and for peace in the world. It seems impossible.

  But here's what I do have, so much more than I deserve :
  •  peace, comfort, unconditional love from the Lord, 
  •  love to and from my loved ones, dear family and friends I'm so blessed to have.
  •  healthy lifestyle, contented mind, and good, medical care of fantastic doctors and nurses!
  •  fun, simple pleasures, a full life with grandchildren, music. 
  •  a home and a garden
  •  safety, security and protection - living in the United States, how fortunate we are!
  •  work I love,  a business I enjoy and wonderful customers.
For helpful info and support for Heroin addiction, 

I'm so lucky to have a beautiful family and grandchildren to love!

 It seems I really have it all, after all!  When I stop and think about it,
 When I have an attitude of gratitude, I realize how very blessed I am.
 So this Christmas I am feeling joy and intend to spread it all around!

I want peace on earth - that song is stuck in my head! one of my favorite Christmas songs!
Let there be peace on Earth...
and let it begin with me. 

Dear God,
     Please give me wisdom to help other bereaved parents and loved ones.
 Continue to supply me with the strength to live beyond cancer with grace.
 To have faith in you, Lord, to believe that you're healing me.
      Help me show love, understanding, tolerance and patience
 for people who may be different or think differently from me,
 in these difficult times when there's much disagreement and disturbing news.
 Enable me to firmly speak the real truth, when it is helpful.
 not to argue, but share what I believe, when it is important.

So I pray that God will teach me what to do,
show me what I should learn from becoming a survivor
 and a bereaved parent,and from being a mother,
a grandmother, an American.
 Help me to live better, and make a positive difference
 in the lives of all those around me.
      Thank you, my Heavenly Father, especially at Christmastime,
 for giving us your son, who showed us how to live and love,
 and gave me and my son eternal life,
                               In Jesus name,  Amen
Please leave me a comment if you have a minute. I don't know if anyone is reading my blog.
 Thanks so much!
           Merry Christmas!       
Love, Linda