Tuesday, January 15, 2019

It's National Hot Tea Month!

   Day 1,        It's the New Year !   I hope yours is blessed with health and happiness!
  It's also  National Hot Tea Month. I'm celebrating by trying  a different tea in a different tea cup each day!
    I'm having English Tea Shop white tea, in my Homer Laughlin Dogwood teacup.
I am also sharing tea stories, quotes, history, etiquette, and much more on my vintagey page,
 Vintage Treasures by Grandmalay, on facebook

Day 2       I have a pretty Christmas tree mug by Johnson Bros. My dear friend gave me the red teakettle, and I'm drinking Bigelow Constant Comment tea flavored with orange rind and spices 

Day 3       I am visiting a dear friend. We have the best talks, nicest lunches at her house and often a cuppa tea.  Today I chose Twinings Earl Grey. It smells so wonderful!

Day 4,    
January 4, 2019,  My niece, Payton McGinniss, graduated from US Navy Recruit Training
The family is so excited and proud of her!
I'm proudly showing some Navy china and silver tea service, as I celebrate her accomplishment
 and new career! I have more stories about Navy stuff here:

Day 5      The grandkids and I are enjoying the last of the Christmas cookies.
      I'm using Julie's Christmas dishes, but Em has her own little teacup with ballet
      slippers on it. We're sipping raspberry tea, by Celestial Seasonings

Day 6 

Day 7        Happy Birthday Ted!  he turned 72 years young today! We had tea in our red and white English Chippendale cups    Hibiscus Superflower Strawberry tea

Day 8       Pretty old cup Victoria, Elite work Austria, and a mismatched Limoges saucer

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12       Delicious ginger tea , a recipe by Jo anna Rooney, in a pretty blue-lined china cup  the                 ginger tea is good for you, one of  the teas to drink when you have a cold or other problems


Day 13          old  FTD tea cup 

Day 14               Royal Victoria cup and saucer with some  Stash Lemon Blossom tea 

Day 15      Tonight I'm having Bigelow green tea in a lovely bone china tea cup,
                   Irish Elegance Royal Standard,  sitting on my bed.
                   Early to bed tonight,, trying to get rid of this flu.
                   Sweet dreams and teatimes to all of you!

This is the middle of the month and concludes  Part I of my National Hot Tea Month celebration!
 Hope you'll have tea with a friend, or if you can't be together- call her while your relaxing with
 a cup.     

         Nighty-night!  Sweet dreams and teatimes!
Love,  Linda

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Perpetual Thanksgiving

Giving thanks today for all God's goodness in my life.
I have dear, huge family to love, and be loved by, sweet grandkids to delight me,
my home, good health,  a fun business I enjoy, and way too many possessions!

But, this is not my normal Thanksgiving Day.
I am having an unusually quiet day, nursing a sore arm, a case of cellulitis.
 Antibiotics and rest will make it better in a couple days.
It's hard to type, and it feels better when I immobilize and elevate my arm.
But I didn't make dinner or any pies, so I feel a little weird.
 Don't worry, I had a feast at my sister's last Saturday,

That's my Mother on the left, so grateful she is still with us!  My sweet sisters and hubs,
nieces and nephews. they're all such a blessing to me!  We have such fun together!

and will celebrate again this Saturday at my daughter's home.
 I am not skipping Thanksgiving traditions, or any meals, that's for sure!
         But it's made me slow down, for a couple days, and gain new insights.
   Stopped in the neighborhood diner, and saw lots of single mothers
 serving food to strangers, wishing they could be home.
 I took notice of many single and older people who are sitting alone for the holiday.
My daughter-in-law just had surgery, so she didn't have her usual get-together.
A friend just called to say his sister died yesterday.
My niece is separated for the first time, from her twin, who just  joined the Navy.
 A favorite aunt lost her grandson recently, and
 My niece's sweet Pop-pop just died this week, and my brother and his wife love him so much
Many have lost loved ones recently, and are sadly looking at the empty chair.

My church had a massive collection of food to make baskets for the needy
 in our community. hard to believe there is such suffering , right in my neighborhood, in this properous country.  Thank God for the outpouring of love at church, people generously sharing.

Almost every person got up and brought forth  one or two grocery bags-ful. Beautiful!
All these things are making me think.
Not everyone is having a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving.
So many are hurting, struggling, lonely, or less fortunate than me.

Dear Lord,      Please help me to stay mindful of others and their needs,
 and give me a spirit of giving to share what I have. Give me eyes to see 
their pain, and help me take the time and do something to help them, 
or cheer them at least.  Don't let me get caught up in the competion
 and rat-race of  "who's got the best Christmas decorations?"
I'll use what I have already, and enjoy simple traditions from my
 family Christmases past, for they are snetimental treasures. 

 But instead, help me to spread joy and  effectively teach my grandkids
 the true meaning of Christmas.  We will still bake like crazy,
 we'll go see the Christmas displays, and do all the fun stuff,  but now I'll
have deeper gratitude, more compassion,and true understanding of others.
 Thank you Lord,  Amen

Love to you and your family, as you celebrate your blessings!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Lost in the Fifties

          I just attended Lead East. This is a super big 50's party, we attend every year!

 It 'is an incredible weekend of music, dancing,  old cars, fifties fashions, doo wop, karaoke,  and reuniting with friends.  Wow, it is so special, we just don't want it to end! 

If you ever get the chance to come, you'll have a blast!
   Lead East , every Labor Day weekend  in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Lots more details and pictures on Facebook!

It's  like a trip back in time!  When things were simpler, when the country was full of hope, and didn't have a drug abuse epidemic, cell phones,  and racial tensions.

 Love, Linda

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Peachy Keen Birthday!

                      I just turned 64!
              My daughter bought me this shirt, when I told her that's my theme song this year!

Miss Emilie, my birthday flowers, and some lucious, juicy peaches

  We've been enjoying fresh juicy Jersey peaches. 
We doubled the recipe,
and it was a big hit!
 We love baking in Julie's big kitchen
 and the children join in too.
And we made peach popsicles,
with  4 peaches, 2 cups Greek yogurt and
a drizzle of agave syrup, just whirl in the blender.
you can leave the skin on, and freeze for about 6 hours.

Cinnamon is so good with peaches!
I wanted to preserve some, but we shared, and ate so many out of hand, so they're all gone!

    I had a peachy-keen birthday!   I'm  so blessed!

Love, Linda