Thursday, February 10, 2022

Thrifty fun fashions!

Here are some of the fashion grids I've done at my vintage store, 
displaying items we have for sale that are vintage, or newer pre-loved.
 I like to show how you can mix up older pieces with more recent ones. 
 Sometimes they are formal or dressy outfits, and sometimes very casual,
 or trendy, even work-out wear. They may be for a mature woman,
or a very young lady, for work.... or for play. 
A cute top with jeans, and a cardigan on a chilly day.

A colorful vintage 70's bow blouse with new sweater
Liz Claiborne jeans jacket, old Wilson's leather bag

I like the lattice back on this ombre shirt. This is an old gray leather bag,
and a fluffy purple confetti scarf, gray jeans and comfortable Clarks shoes

vintage 70's button-down shirt, and vintage clogs

Lightweight sequined animal print jacket for a mild winter day, 
 Nice leather Talbot's bag, ombre brown scarf, and ballerina flats.

Susan Graver embroidered jacket, comfy Clarks shoes. 

A reversible 80's winter jacket

Preppy-look navy and white, with a warm winter jacket

This is a vintage sweater and scarf, and a really fun funky bag

LL Bean fuschia rainjacket brightens up a gloomy wet day.

Picnic Barbie loves Coca Cola!  1983

A pretty top, had an all lace back, and it sold right away! 

Everyone's favorite tunic sweater, with some slacks 
and cute booties, and a Donna Karan bag.

These girls from someone's  Build-a-Bear collection are all 
dressed up for Valentine's Day! 💗

Do you need a pretty dress for your Valentine's dinner date?
Classic pumps and a small bag go well.

Hand crocheted scarf and hat, a warm jacket, on a blustery day.
Ankle boots and a vintage suede  Franco Sarto bag.

A sweetheart from the Cabbage Patch, she's from 1983.

    A modern cardigan,a crazy scarf, Donna Karan bag and booties.  

 Almost every day, I  make up a fashion grid and it gives me fresh content for my 
Facebook page. It's fun to select garments off the rack and accessorize them 
completely.  Also, one can purchase right off the page. I show lots of related
 or similarly colored or themed items from around the store. 
Hope you enjoyed some of my previous fashion grids.
 I also have clothing in many styles and sizes on my Depop and Etsy online shops.'s-Vintage-Treasures

Have fun shopping for vintage, because it's smart- eco-friendly and economical.
You can find unique pre-loved clothing of good quality for less!

Love, Linda

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Celebrating 11 years blogging

  It's my 11 year blogging anniversary!  Actually it was the 24th.

Not doing too badly for an old lady with a lousy old computer.  I've been hustling,  running my vintage store, and taking care of my grandkids. I'm still doing well with no recurrences of breast cancer, thank God!  I recently had a total hip replacement, and I'm feeling great, without the pain. 

  It's been a hard time for all Americans with the terrible pandemic and it's consequences. My vintage store is still so much fun, and new folks come in almost every day, but it's been a struggle. I am praying for all small business owners,  that things will pick up.  I'm praying for all Americans that we can save our country.  I'm hoping that things are going to get better in this new year. 

   I celebrated National Hot Tea Month again this January, and had a different tea and teacup each day!  I post every day in January on my Facebook page, Grandma Linda's Vintage Treasures, and I share stories, history, and sayings all about tea, teacups, tea party recipes, and more. 

 Happy National Hot Tea  Month!

Emilie is 8 now, and still loves having tea with me!  

I hope to start holding tea parties again in my vintage store!

In my store, I have some teacups, and I like arranging vignettes 
with pretty things, I have for sale.
This is a new set I picked up and will use it for a spring tea.

My everyday china,  red transferware
Johnson Bros. English Chippendale

Another favorite of mine, with a pink teapot in my store. 
A little Dreamsicle angel is having tea with me too!

Not a fancy mug, but I love the teapot and snowflake apron , in our store!

Oh, and the tea at  Angelo's Diner counts too!
 I love that sturdy old restaurant china.

My Teddy, enjoying his tea at his favorite travel stop- The Waffle House!

One of my favorite cups 

An old silver teapot I use at the store.
Violets tea cup- with our state flower, the common violet!

This is my mother-in-law's everyday china. 
Sadly, we lost her this last year. 
 But we know she's with her Lord and Savior! 

January 24th-  Happy 91st Birthday to my dear Mother!  
Thank God for another year that we still have her with us!

Elizabeth Mary Abel Layton, born January 24, 1931
She loves the family get-togethers, no matter how loud and chaotic it is! 
  God bless her, mother of 7, 21 grandchildren, 23great-grandkids,
 and 1 great-great-grandchild!  The more the merrier!  

My children's great-grandmother's blue transferware teacup.
It is well over a hundred years old. 

Emilie having tea with me again, using her own little teapot.

Some Stangl pieces that we have in the store, and were made in Trenton, New Jersey!

These are a few of my favorite tea things, many are at home, 
and some are at my vintage store. You can take a peek at the store on Facebook,'s-Vintage-Treasures

Now it's time to get my store ready for Valentine's Day!

I'm wishing you a wonderful New Year!  Keep on looking up!   
Love, Linda