Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Good old summertime....

       It is so much harder watching the kids when school is out.
 They are constantly fighting over toys, TV shows, snacks, whose turn it is -  everything.
 I tried to see if I could send them to Vacation Bible School, but the church is only having
 it for one day.  And the little one can't go- it's for ages 4-12.  So much for that idea!
 Have to find my own entertainment for them.
Miss Emilie is just 3, going on 16.
A little monkey-into everything!

I did find that I could take them outside with
sidewalk chalk and choose separate areas, 
after 5 pm- when it's cooler and shady on their
 huge driveway.  
They were both content to make big drawings, 
and leave each other alone for a while.  Ahhhhh!  

A visit to the post office
included a stop the  ice cream stand
next door.

Takes a little effort
 to channel their energies and take
 the time to stop
 doing housework
 or whatever I'm doing,  and just
give them all
my attention. 
I must stop and
Emilie, Tommy and Remus
He's named after a
Harry Potter character
set up an activity
    for them, but boy,
is it worth it!

 We also have a 
cute new  kitten.       They are pretty good about sharing, taking turns holding the  cat and letting him go, when kitty's had enough of them. 
They like to feed
and water him too. 
 It's fun getting a first pet, and a little responsibility. 
We're hoping our 
allergies won't be
 too bad. 

Emmie planting Tommy's  peas in  Mommy's  philodendron
     I tried making a garden. But  one day Miss Emilie opened the peas packet and planted them in the philodendron pot in the dining room,   I knew she was up to something, because she was quiet, then she ran to the silverware drawer, grabbed a fork and took off. I caught up with her trying to cover the seeds, Now, I thought -that was pretty darn smart!  Then  I told her that was nice, but they need to be out in the garden, so I let her help me transplant them into the raised garden bed, now that the strawberries are done. They are doing quite well , and there's chicken wire around the bed, so I don't think the bunnies will get them.  Hopefully we'll soon have fresh peas!
showed her how nicely the tomato plants  were growing, but she couldn't resist picking the tiny green fruits, so now we don't have  any tomatoes growing.
     I did throw the halved little green baby tomatoes in the pickle jar, and a couple days later Tommy was impressed. "Grandma, can we make more green tomato pickles?"
 Emilie is a little imp!  
Daddy has the solution. he says, 
"Take them out of the house, and
 they're better behaved. " 
He's right, they need the excercise
 and fresh air, and it 's good  for me too!

 She takes her job of watering Mommy's urns that we planted
 for Mother's Day.
 They are "thrill,spill and fill" planters with  spiky dracaena, purple petunias,verbena, and vinca and they look great, (but dry out a little on the days Grandma isn't there).
 But at least I'm trying to teach them something , have a little structure, and
some chores and resposibility.
They like to take walks.
Tommy calls them nature walks,
 and he looks for new bugs, rocks, etc.
 Emmie, likes to push her doll coach.
Tommy insisted on making a rainbow
jello-filled watermelon surprise
for Dad for Father's Day.

No matter how much they may wear me out some days,
(it's just like being a young mother), I wouldn't give it up for anything.
 It's keeping me young and fit, and happy.   I'm keeping my cool, and I'm so blessed 
to be so involved in their lives, and have the best job ever- being a granny-nanny!

               Dear Lord,                                                                                             
                                 Please help me be patient and wise to teach them 
               how to behave. Guide me in ways to teach them about you!
      And give me strength to endure my blessings!  Amen

 Love, Linda