Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Bereaved Mother's Day

    I am amazed that Mother's Day was so delightful.  My first Mother's day as a bereaved mother.  I was afraid I would be sad about my son today, but I was feeling perfectly serene and calm.  Today was my youngest daughter's birthday.  I focused on her  much of the time, and thinking about how we would celebrate her special day. Both events were simple but so meaningful. Being with family is just the best thing!
    I was also concerned about my Mother, who has recently had a heart attack and has been staying at a rehab center.  Watching my mother age is scaring me a bit.  I don't want to get disabled and be a burden to my kids, but  I don't think my mother is a burden.  I am blessed to still have her, many of my friends have lost their parents.
    Please Lord, just help me to stay interesting and interested.  I pray I will have my hearing, my vision, and be mobile. I realize now how important it is to eat healthily, and get lots of exercise.  I hope I can keep reading, and doing art work, and live with purpose. I don't want to be a worrier, and fuss over trivial things, because that's what I've notice is most annoying about some older people.

     I was staying with my little grandchildren, all weekend, scurrying about with them, trying to figure out how to visit my mom with them in tow.  Then  my sister made it easy for everyone- she took Mom out of the facility for a few hours and we all gathered around at her house, making homemade pizza.
 Everyone took turns working the dough , and piling on different toppings and  each family's pizza looked different!

     So, I was pretty busy, and had no time for moping around.    Still  I thought about my son, many times throughout the day, as  I always do.  But they were pleasant memories of  him as my first child, my baby boy. My grandchildren remind me of how I felt as a young mother.  My own grandmother used to call me Florence, by mistake- her little girl's name.  I am so glad I have these little children in my life.  I will always miss my son, but I have little people to love and care for, and a reason to keep on going!

So I am a bereaved mother, but also a happy mother with lots of happiness in my life! 

Love , Linda