Sunday, September 22, 2013

Down the Shore

      I spent my last days  of summer at Wildwoods, about one hour away from
my home, where they have the biggest, best beaches in New Jersey.
They are the widest, safest and FREE beaches.
This is the place  where doo-wop began, where many rock and roll legends got their start,
 and where there are more "google" doo-wop style motels than anywhere else.
       I was at the convention center selling auto literature at the  Classic Car Auction.
 Every year we participate in this fantastic,  fun event where they park hundreds
of cars on the boardwalk.
      The  Irish Festival  is also a big hit, this same weekecnd, and you'll see
lots of green beads and hair, funny hats etc.
 They have Irish  music, dancing,  contests and performances.

 One morning ,I went to the Wildwood Historical Society museum.

The museum has old amusements memorabilia,
 Tons of antiques and vintage Wildwood stuff!

50's record player, like I  once had!

Chubby Checker  became famous in Wildwood!

Sign from a famous restaurant, once  in Anglesea, the northend of Wildwood.

Mario Lanza's family had a place here in Wildwood.

 Some  ship's antiques, an old barrister and  an oak captain's chair.

 An original  carousel horse from one of the amusement piers.

Boardwalk Rolling Chair
You could hire a ride in this wicker chair, 
 an be pushed from one end of the boardwalk to the other.

Old bumper cars from an amusement pier.  
These creepy passengers must have come from the " spook house"!

These and other great exhibits at the George F. Boyer Museum
Wildwood Historical Society
 3907 Pacific Avenue
Wildwood, New jersey 08260

Then on to a thrift shop, looking for vintage.
Megan is finding some super 60's fashions at Cheap Charlie's on Pacific Avenue
    I enjoyed meeting up with my new friend Megan and her fiance.
  She's a young chick who came to my yard sale wearing vintage,
  shopping with her grandma,and we got talking vintage!   Discovered we're both bloggers!
 Check out her pretty vintage clothes on her blog, Overpowered by Funk  
She's an expert at finding cool fashions,  and introduced me to some nifty thrift shops here
 and all over south Jersey!

These  vintage dresses  are at What Goes On,. a cool shop full of posters,
 vintage clothing, used books, and rock and roll stuff.

Now I'm walking back to the Car Auction

A pretty street with newer condos, rental units, 
 just one or two blocks  from the beach.
I must get back to the boardwalk and work at our car literature booth!

  Back on the boards were these adorable micro-cars that you rarely see!

And some really amazing custom cars

muscle cars 

General Lee!  Remember the  Dukes of Hazard?

The  beautiful Convention Center is located at 4501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, N.J.
 There are many events scheduled including Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce
Fabulous '50s & Beyond Weekend, October 18-19
For lastest updates, please visit or call 800.992-9732

'57 Chevy

 Cute tray on a 50's car

 Inside at the Auction,  a cool VW Bus/Camper

 '47  Cadillac Limo


 And here's our booth, a traveling library..  See, I really do work!
We sell back issue auto magazines to car guys and gals.
 What cars do you need articles about?  I'm sure I could find you something.

It is the most fun, seeing all these incredible classic cars on the boardwalk
with the gorgeous background of the sea, dunes and huge beach.

'55 Chevy

'58 Chevy

   But I just have to get 'down the shore', at least once during the summer,
 and hear the surf, feel the sea breeze, feel the sand in my toes!
   It sorta puts everything in perspective, like the song says,
  "I hope you still feel small,  when you stand beside the ocean."
 I usually sing goofy songs  "Down by the sea",  "Under the Boardwalk", as I stroll along,
 Then I begin to comtemplate the wonders I see, and I can't help but think and sing,
 "How Great Thou Art".  
It's an amazing experience, when I'm down here alone,
 just me and the shorebirds, and my Lord.
 Just a little time away from the noisy commotion on the boards,
  and  I'm fully restored.

Now I am ready to let go of summer, and embrace autumn.  So glad to turn off the air conditioner!
Hoping Tommy's pumpkin turns orange soon!

Back home, back to work, I saw these mums growing near my daughter's new home.

Happy Fall, Ya'll! 
 Love, Linda

For more cars pictures, and Wildwood beach shots, see my last year's post,

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Grandparent's Day!

Well, my yard sale was a flop, but the weekend was beautiful!  I made a new friend, enjoyed being out of doors, and soaked up some sun   while savoring some gorgeous  last-of-summer days!  I'm cleaning out our aunt's house, and decided hold a sale when I heard how perfect the weather would be.

Smiling sunflower, I found  in a Photography magazine

Some vintage mid-century  furniture I tried to sell, but not too many people stopped by.

Inside there's  a cute little mid-century dining room set.  It's in great shape.
 Blonde wood in Danish modern style, was popular in the 50's. I listed it on Craigslist.
Our aunt and uncle took care of their things, so they lasted.
 I'm hoping some young couple starting out, or old couple down-sizing will like it.

  I walked around the yard taking pictures, since I was waiting  and hoping for customers.  Rose of Sharon  is growing in the sideyard.

Pokeberry in the back yard border.  I'm thinking of using it to dye some fabrics. Did you ever try that?

 a lovely white  Rose of Sharon  also blooms on the property

 Cute house, their pride and joy, They built it in 1957.  Too bad the nursing home gets it all.  I sure would like to have inherited it.
 I'm in the process of cleaning it out, and painting, so the real estate agency can list it. Makes me sad.

Then I was delighted when a sweet young woman and her granny stopped by.  She was wearing vintage clothing!  And out shopping with her grandma!   I knew I liked her right away!
She purchased a few dresses from me and told me about her blog and her interest in modeling and wearing vintage, so we exchanged blog addresses and now we're friends!

Came home tonight and found the sweetest message from my little darling waiting for me!

Hope you're enjoying your last days of summer too!