Thursday, April 19, 2012

Custom Cars

A few weeks ago,   I attended another car show, The NorthEast Rod & Custom Nationals. But then I got all caught up with gardening and  Easter, so I didn't tell you about all the custom cars and street rods at this fun family event.
 I'm contemplating starting  another blog just for car shows, as this theme may not fit into my homey, granny-style, flowery blog real well.
   But it is where I've been spending lots of time.    And it is about art, vintage stuff, my adventures, and  all kinds of folks....Grandmas.... Teenagers.....Babies.....Families..... and So many men!!!.        

Oh my gosh!    It's Grandpa!     And Herman Munster!

 Pretty Colors!

Fantastic Hood Art  Competitions!

Funny Motorcycle Helmet Art

Fascinating Hood Art!  Isn't this the coolest thing?
 Do you see the vintage ladies?

A real cutie!

A real cutie!

  We were mesmerized by the incredible automotive artists demonstration from Ohio Tech College.  In the background, they were playing a Leo Greenwood collection of patriotic tunes, and the crowd was unusually reverent.  "I'm Proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free..........."
Three amazing artists competed at a time, equipped with their air-brushes.  We watched breathlessly while they completed the exquisite paintings on car hoods in just 30 minutes!  These masterpieces were later auctioned off to raise money for a charity.

I was touched by the number of young fathers enjoying the show with their children.  I especially love seeing fathers and sons checking out the street rods, sharing the love of their car hobby.

I saw some really chic grandmas proudly walking  around with their precious darlings.
Made me smile, 'cause I know how much fun she's having, showing off her pride and joy!
 And grandpops sharing car-love with their little buddies, explaining about the old- time rear-engine dragsters from the sixties,  promising to take them to the races at nearby Atco Drag-a way one day.
 Odd,   I felt, thinking of the sixties as "Old-time".

I love to watch people  and their quirky personalities.

I see beautiful and interesting things everywhere I go, but at the car show, behind my booth I can really discreetly people-watch, observe human behavior ...... Families..... Artists......Car Club members.......Proud car owners......Grandmothers.......Veterans......Teenagers......Babies.....
..........So Many Men!!!! 
 I am rethinking some basic beliefs I've held.  Maybe all men are not created equal.  There's a grown man with a blue mohawk and another with plugs in his lobes.
Some people are walking around with baby carriages........for their dogs!!!!!   There's a kid screaming at the top of his lungs and everyone is looking, but the parents are totally oblivious.

But I also met remarkable people, wonderful people.
A dedicated Veteran group was raising money for returning veterans.
 This Vietnam Vet showed me a picture of the car he used to race.

This  motorcycle was a beautiful tribute to some Fallen Heroes,
 slain police officers from Philadelphia.

My customers are funny too.  This kid comes up and asks,"What do you have that's really rare, unusual?" I showed him a Rat Fink article about Ed Roth, A Messerschmidt pictorial, and then  I launched  into a spiel about hearses.  He just said, "Cool!  Thank you "  and walked away.  
  I'm a vendor displaying and selling a large assortment of vintage car magazines, working like a librarian to help them research their collectible car.

 A guy picks up a pristine 1964 Motor Trend and says, " this magazine says 50c, what do you mean it's $8.00? 

"Don't you have a book called  "Big-Inch Cadillacs". "
"I used to have more magazines than this, but I threw them all away"

 By now I'm talking to myself, saying "Don't waste your breath, these people are impossible." 

And it's 3 o'clock and the show goes till 11:00 pm.  

Aren't they fantastic?  Now girls,   guys just  love  cars,
 so it's good for you to learn a little bit about them, right?
And they are vintage,  and the people behind the cars are indeed interesting! 
 If your guy wonders what your blogging friends ever find to talk 
about that would possibly interest him,
  you could always show him this "car post"!

Ah, my life, as a part-time car show vendor, is never boring.  
Now,  if we could just make some money at his "hobby", after all this work!!!

Someone's poster of  Rat Fink, created by Ed Roth, 1960s.
Like Delilah says, Slow down and love someone!

Love, Linda

This post is dedicated to my wonderful motorhead, car-nut nephew,
Taylor, on his 21st birthday!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Joy!

"April prepares her green traffic light
                          and the world thinks Go "
                                                             --- Christopher Morley -  John Mistletoe


April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.
                                                                    --- William Shakespeare

"Let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness, and weakness,
and despair to strength, and beauty and happiness."
                                                                                       --- Floyd W. Tomkins

May you be blessed with the joy of Easter
and new life because Jesus Lives!
                                                 Love, Linda

I am joining Debbie for her fun Newbie Party, so I can meet all the new bloggers!