Monday, April 15, 2013

Wonderful Old Things

         I just returned from a trip.  Traveling is always so mind-broadening and enlightening.
       I see things with new eyes.   I see old things with deeper appreciation.

 Amish farms in the countryside of Pennsylvania.

I love these old farms and I don't understand why we Americans don't cherish
 our farms,  and why so many times "we pave paradise and put up a parking lot".
  Why is the richest farm land in the world turning into outlet malls?

I took all  these pictures of farms, while driving by at 60 mph,
 so they are blurry, but I just think they are so beautiful.

 I stopped in Norwalk,  Ohio. There was a big antiques co-op.
  I loved seeing all the old dishes, vases, linens,  and things from long ago.

Old   Milkglass

Old places

Norwalk, Ohio

 An interesting  old building that once was a prison, then more recently the home
 of the local sheriff.  It had  a bronze serpent sculpture on the top of it.

Old memories.

We  went to  Berry's Restaurant, where we had eaten 15 years ago on a car-show trip. 

  We ate a fabulous meal in this charming family-owned place with antiques in the dining rooms.  I had "Seafood Saturday",  a scrumptious feast which included lobster ravioli with a  creamy seafood sauce and 3 large grilled shrimp atop it,  a crabcake, and  a juicy piece of  chipotle-glazed salmon.  I chose a waldorf salad as a side, so I didn't need dessert!

Waldorf Salad, an old  all-American favorite, created by the maitre d' of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel,
 in 1893.  Originally it did not include nuts, they were added later. It was just apples, mayo and celery.  

 Here's my version, an old recipe that I've been making since I was a young Navy bride, 40 years ago.

                      My Waldorf Salad_________________ 

1 green apple  and 1 red apple, cored and diced
 a handful of raisins, or halved grapes
1/4 cup coarsely chopped walnuts or pecans
handful of mini marshmallows, optional
1/4 cup sliced celery
1/4 cup mayonaise,  or plain yogurt
splash of lemon juice 

Stir together and serve, 
 or allow to sit  a couple hours,
 so marshmallows begin to 
melt and the flavors meld.
 Serve in your prettiest glass dishes,
 or on a lettuce leaf on a salad plate.
For a delicious main course, 
add cubed,  cooked chicken breast.

 I often make waldorf salad when I just have an apple or two that are  beginning to go soft and need to be used up, and the lemon and other ingredients perk up the flavor.   Definitely will make some this week as we reminesce about the trip and all the good things we ate, and did and saw..........

I love to see the architecture in the old towns as we visit.

A  lovely shop window...  Too bad, it's  "Closed"!

A most unusual  old teapot

The most delightful surprise, there were murals decorating the walls of  this big 
 Caputo's Market, near Chicago.  You know how I feel about murals!

And then the sweetest part of our trip---I got to meet Ted's Uncle Wayne 
  He's 95.  He lives in Chicago. 
 He asked for a watermelon from "back home", New Jersey, the Garden State
where he grew up.   So  I got him one,  at the beautiful produce market nearby,  in Des Plaines,
  and told him I'd bring one from New Jersey, some day when I come back in the summer,
when they're in season. 
  We had brunch.  I cooked omelets, Canadian bacon, and English muffins
 and cut up watermelon and strawberries and he loved it.   Bless his heart!  

What a blessing it was to see the beautiful countryside and  visit  this precious loved one. 
 I had a job, but also got to enjoy traveling and stopping at antiques and thrift shops along the way.  
Now I'm inspired and refreshed.  Got my taxes done, my job completed, had a nice scenic ride,
 and a safe return trip  home,  and I'm ready for spring  and fixing up my garden! 
 Can't wait to see the grandkids!  I missed them terribly! 

 Here's Tommy with his little girlfriend, who was born the same day!  
Love,  Linda

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