Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's Celebrate Spring !


Image Courtesy of  Vintage Catnip at
Spring.... It feels so wonderful to be out in the garden again and see
 those pansy faces, tender sprouts and leaf buds. Everything is coming alive again!
  My fish amazingly survived in my shallow, muddy, leaf-cluttered pond.  I said it would be a miracle if they made it through this winter, and they did!  It's a sign, I'm sure!
   I've filed my taxes, packed away my winter coats, am bringing in large branches of flowering quince and camelias. I'm putting out Easter bunnies for the grandkids to see, and getting ready for yard sales!
Violas!  Don't they look like happy little faces?
These grape hyacinths pop up all over the yard!
              A special Spring Blog Party!
              Let's  Celebrate Spring with Victoria  and see what other bloggers are doing. 
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Camelia bush by Violet's backdoor.
 My next-door neighbor, Violet died this winter, while I was away, so I missed her funeral.
 I look out the kitchen window, and feel a little sad, because I miss my old friend.
  We shared  our love of gardening, and many conversations, memories, and laughs!.

Camelias, Antique vase and Wedding Photo Vignette

                        We are honoring our folks on their 65th Wedding Anniversary.
                        They are living together in a nursing home, which seems so sad to me,
                         but they are fairly comfortable, and content just being together. 

Grandbaby Tommy is raring to go jogging with Grandma!

Nothing cheers me up more than being with my grandbaby boy!
 We take a walk every day that it's nice out.
 We sing and talk, play and learn as we go exploring.
Grandmothers provide enrichment programs for grandbabies.
 Grandchildren provide love and joy for grandmothers!

Aw, Honey, I would have been scared too!

Now, that's my little hunny-bunny with the big Easter bunny!

Have a Blessed Spring and Easter Season!