Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Going Bald!

   Here we are, facing chemo treatment #3, and I am feeling pretty good.
I was preparing myself, my sister gave me a pixie haircut for the weeks
prior to baldness to make the transition easier.
  But  then  I was upstaged by beautiful Joan Lunden shedding her blonde locks!
I was shocked that she has breast cancer!
It stunned me when her photo appeared, splashed all over the news,
 just as I was facing the same exact  thing!
 She's amazing. A couple months ahead of me, with the same treatment plan.
  Chemo to try and shrink it, followed by surgery, then radiation if needed. .
After a few tears, Joan inspired me.
 She says, "It's a tough, challenging journey,
 but I'm making it into something empowering!
I am cheering her on, I will follow her progress  with great interest.
I will pray for her, my sister, my hero.

Joan Lunden  'I'm a Warrior'
cover of People Magazine, October 6,2014
photographs by Ruven Afanador

Martino Cartier Salon, 304 Hurffville Crosskeys Rd. Sewell, N.J.
Yes, I got buzzed too!  Isn't he a hunk!
My family was there to cheer me on!
Amy, sister Beverly, me, Julie, and Miss Emilie.

      I started losing my hair, just as they said I would.  So I got buzzed and
 I got my gorgeous wig from Martino Cartier. He's  a wonderful stylist of South Jersey's 
premiere salon who gives beautiful wigs to women and children with cancer so they
 can feel beautiful,  and  by "Loving them more than the world has ever known, and
 making them feel cancer free,  if only for a moment", gives dignity and confidence.
 Thank you Martino, for taking away one of my biggest fears, that I would look sickly and unattractive.   Now I can try to keep things as normal as possible.

There, That's better!

He has a charity called "Wigs and Wishes" , powered by Friends are by Your Side
through which he also grants Disneyland trips to children and their families.
 I was thrilled to attend  his fabulous gala event at Lucien's Manor,  the other night,
 and he raised $250.000.00. 
Paula Abdul was there at A Night of Wigs and Wishes!

Daughter Amy was my date for the big night!

Fabulous decor and  extraordinary flowers and table settings at A Night of  Wigs and Wishes,
 powered by Friends Are By Your Side

  I am amazed every day by the courageous women who are fighting breast cancer
and surviving, then go on to encourage and inspire.
Survivors who are friends of my friends,  are calling me to cheer me on and tell me
 they are here for me if I need to talk.  Other patients   I meet at the hospital treat me
 like the newest "member of the  club".

Thank you Kathy, for this beautiful Mass Card.

     I am touched by the outpouring of love and concern by  my friends and family.
 So many wonderful people I am meeting because of this disease.

 People are praying for me. I believe that God is healing me.  I claim his promises.

"And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer,
 believing, you shall receive."                                                                                                       Matthew 21:22

Having breast cancer changes everything now for the rest of my life.
 And my family's lives are forever changed.   Life-threatening, scary thing it is.
 Makes you realize that you could lose someone who you thought would always be there.

Amy got a side shaved off,  and  hot pink streaks in her hair,
 for support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

  I don't want to miss a minute. I hug everyone I see.   A little tighter, for a long time.

My little Emilie, now is 5 months old!

 I already knew the little things are really the big things,
 but this takes it to a new level .
 My faith is growing, I am clinging to the  healing words of scripture.
 because they give me courage and tell me that I am not alone.
 My friend Marie gave me a marvelous CD,  by Debra A. Groller,
that taught me that I am healed by Jesus' stripes!

"By His stripes you were healed." 
 I Peter 2:24

"That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet saying: He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses." 
                                                              Matthew 8:17

I am blessed to have so much support and love from my family. 
They are spoiling me with special gifts and treats, cards, calls and extra attention!
 My doctors and nurses are so diligent and caring.  Fox Chase Cancer Center.
So I am doing great!
Thank you  so much for your prayers and positive thoughts!

                                                       Love, Linda