Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4th, Let's Celebrate Our Freedom!

  This neighborhood in Cape May, N.J. proudly flies our flag!
         I just love walking around the neighborhood and seeing so many flags displayed!
      Our flag looks so beautiful, and makes me feel so proud and grateful to live in America.
      I can't help singing Leo Greenwood's song, "cause the flag still  stands for freedom, 
          and they can't take that away!"

Sometimes, I don't think we realize how blessed we are in this country. Sometimes we may go too far with enjoying our freedoms, by being thoughtless of others, with hurtful speech, annoying music, and other rude acts, and declare that, " it's a free country, we can do whatever we want". 
 I rather think we should be considerate and always remember, that peace begins with each of us, and how we get along together.  And in doing what we please, we shouldn't impinge on someone else's rights and freedoms.

Image courtesy  of Little Birdie Blessings

In America, we have freedom to grow up and become anything we want to be.  This is an amazing opportunity  for our kids and grandkids, and the hope for the future.

If you can dream it, you can become  it!  Sky's the limit!

Our children and grandchildren have the right to a good education,
 which is the key to their future.
If they apply themselves, they can build the life they desire,
and we must do all we can to encourage them to follow their dreams!

           "  Liberty and justice for all."-      
   A goal we still need to work on.

An old church in Cape May, New Jersey
Then there are so many priviledges we don't even appreciate, like the freedom of religion, and worshipping however we please.  We have the right to assemble, but sometimes we just don't bother. 

Many people don't even vote,
 yet they complain about how bad things are.

Vintage image, from Vintage Holiday Crafts

Today as you celebrate living in America, remember,
 so many gave their lives so we could have all this.

Lovely image courtesy of The Vintage Moth
God Bless the USA