Monday, December 9, 2013

Grandma's Playing with Winterberry, Elves and Vintage Stuff

  I found winterberry growing  in Julie's back yard, when I was cutting the bittersweet last month, and now that  we've discarded that, it's time to bring in some Christmas greenery and berrries.  You can find quite a few plants growing right  in your own yard to make arrangements, garlands, and wreaths.

Ilex  Verticillata   This is how winterberry looks in fall, before the leaves drop.
I's a shrub  which grows on the edge of Julie's woods. In summer it has small white flowers.

 Winterberry, is a native holly, and a source of food for overwintering birds and small mammals
The bright red berries last all winter and look great in Christmas arrangements.

Frosted winterberry- It's snowing today!

My little elf tasting snowflakes.

Frosted Juniper berries

"Burning Bush" berries

Back inside, it's nice to warm up after a romp in the snow.
I didn't put the berries on the mantle,  because if they drop, I am afraid
 of Tommy eating them.
 So I just put a few branches on a platter at the table for a few days, and I can cut
 fresh ones as needed, and take the wilted ones outside for the birds on the patio.

We're having fun pretending that the elf  is spying on us,
 and having lots of discussions about being a good little boy since 
 our elf is reporting back to Santa!  it's helping a lot, along with bribing 
more time outside in the snow later,  if  we behave. 
 I love watching Tommy as he finds  "Buddy" each morning. 

         Christmas is such a fantastic opportunity to share with a youngster all about the meaning
 of Christmas.    I've love telling the Christmas story of Jesus' birth through  glorious carols and
 festive music,  story books, and TV specials.
 The magic of Christmas and Santa Claus teaches about sharing, giving and believing- in fun ways.
 We're having such an exciting time with all the holiday decorations, preparations and our family
 traditions,  and  I love seeing it all  through the eyes of this precious child.

        He wasn't one bit  afraid of Santa, like last year!  He's grown up so much in one year!

 He plays hard, jumps, runs and climbs - in constant motion.

 Right now, when I'm not busy with grandkids, I am working hard putting up decorations
for my clients, or working on my Etsy store and shipping orders!
I've been a  busy little elf listing many vintage goodies on my shop,
 for Christmas decorating and entertaining.
 There's just enough time to order my Christmas vintage stuff, if it is to arrive in time.
Vintage linens are popular in my Etsy shop, so are figurines.

                                                           Christmas Apron



I've been very busy listing great gift items as well!

 For a train collector, A hearty  train mug and some old train curtains

 A Hummel Candy Dish, " Let's Sing"

And songbooks.  A Christmas Guitar Book

I still dream of having a store one day.  I sure wish you could stop by  and have tea with me and talk about vintage goodness, how to use it throughout your home!
reading A Christmas Annual, from the year I was born,  and having a treat on my pretty china plates

  Speaking  of tea and "vintage goodness", I saw a friend at her booth on Saturday,
 and she has lovely handcrafted " feminine frills"   that you must see!

May I introduce Kathryn Ross, of  The Writer'sReverie. a  most delightful blog!

 Cameo Impressions
Her Etsy  shop,  Cameo Impressions has lovely hair accessories
 and  fancy Victorian-style tree ornaments.

        I hope you'll consider giving vintage and lovingly handcrafted gifts when you are
  Christmas shopping.
        It's fun to find good things that are repurposed, that have a story,
 or are  specially handmade, one-of a kind gifts.
        It's good to support small business, and Etsy is the place to find all that!
        Visit my Etsy shop,
         Have a good, old-fashioned vintagey Christmas!

   I hope you and your family are  richly blessed this Christmas season
                                                                                      with love, peace and joy!
Love, Linda