Saturday, January 26, 2013

Comfort Food

Did you ever have a heartache, a hurt that you tried to smile through, and pretend that it everything was okay? But you really felt just plain wounded, totally deflated, and just left wondering what you ever did to deserve such a thing.  Well I do today.
 It's a simple family problem, some family members can't come to terms and make peace, no matter how hard I try to reach out.    bummer  
  People sometimes like to  hold on to grudges, but I think life is too short,
and that it's ridiculous to waste time, letting misunderstandings go unresolved,
letting anything come between people who love each other.
 Family is everything.    Friends are too!

I've chosen to  truly unconditionally love, no matter what, to forgive, and to move on.
To focus on good memories and hope for restored relationships.
 There, I got it off my chest.
So here's what I did:

Made a decision to forgive and to love.
 I sent private facebook messages,  just saying I love them and asking for a response and a truce.

Then I just got busy, made  silver dollar pancakes for breakfast.  Simple comfort food.

The Grandma mug made my cry today, just being overly sensitive.
 Do you see my mismatched silverware?
I am putting together a "set" for me and Teddy, all different patterns of vintage silver
 that  long ago some  other people once loved,  and set their family tables  with.
Polished up and  treasured once again.  Isn't it cool?

Started a pot of soup, using whatever vegetables I had on hand.

Had a cup of tea..

 Set the table with my best dishes as though we were having a gourmet feast.
  Ted went out to get some  fried chicken,  and I warmed up some veggies.

 Had another cup of tea.

Lovingly added photos to the birthday posts on facebook,
 to honor my Grandmother, turning 100, bless her heart,
 and my sweet mother 82, and  a chilhood favorite  TV personality, Sally Starr, 90.

Mom and some of her wonderful friends

Grandmom and some of her grandkids , great, and great,great grandkids
My sister, Faith's family.

my grandmom, Mary  Helen Layton, 100 years old!

Sally Starr, a   beloved Philadelphia area celebrity who hosted Popeye Theatre
 and The Three Stooges in the 50's, 60's until 1971,  turned 90  on the 25th, my Grandmom's birthday!.

Update, January 27, 2013,
     I am so sad and sorry to announce that Sally died today,
 just two days after her birthday. I found out about it just hours after ,
when I went to her website to get a url to add to this post so you could
 learn more about her.  She will be sadly missed, as she was so loved 
by the many she brought so much joy to, and those she helped tremendously. 

 At the end of each broadcast, Sally always said,
 "May the good Lord be with you and your family" .

Played good music.

Prayed.   A lot.

Blogged about it!

Now, see, I got through it!

I thank God for all my blessings and choose joy and love, and I'll think upon all good things, for He will strengthen me!  Just filled my head with things which are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, things of good report, virtue, and praise, like it says in Phillipians 4:8.
 "May the good Lord be with you and your family!"
Love, Linda

Monday, January 7, 2013

Birthday Highlights

 My sweetheart's birthday is today, and
 our youngest granddaughter turned 3 yesterday.
The New Year is off to a good start with mostly
 happy events, birthday's being especially fun! 
  My mother, and both daughters-in law have birthdays this month.
And my grandmother turns 100 
later this month! 

Happy Birthday Teddy and Ava!
Grandpa Teddy and his little sweetheart Ava ,  who share birthdays.
 He takes her out to lunch at his favorite local diner, to show her off!

 Happy Birthday, Mother!

Mom and me, last year, at a steakhouse!
 Happy 100th Birthday, Grandmom!
Here's Grandmom, a few years ago, with my daughter and me

Ah, I  fondly remember those          
 early childhood birthday celebrations!

Mama always baked us a cake and had the grandparents over,
and a few friends too,  as we got older.
Nothing fancy, or expensive, just cake and ice cream,
 and we always sang  "Happy Birthday".
She once told me that when she was a very young girl,
 she invited several schoolmates to her house for her birthday
 and sadly,  her mother sent them away.
  You see, there really was no party.
  That made her feel so bad, so she always had a simple
celebration for all seven of us, no matter how bare the pantry was,
 or how little she had.  She could always come up with something,
cupcakes,  or a layer cake from a mix.
She often made Betty Crocker cake mixes,
 and I thought she was Betty Crocker, because to me,
 she looked like the pretty brunette lady  on the box.

 Betty Crocker, artists depictions  of the average homemaker through the years.

 A fascinating article about Betty Crocker,  and how she changed through the decades at        

Here's some of the photos from our family's fun 
and memorable  birthday bashes.

 My homemade Elmo cupcakes for 2 yr. old Tommy's  birthday.

 Good old summertime birthdays on the deck.  
 Abby's ice cream cake, super yummy! 

Julie made Rice Krispie Treats in the shape of baseballs for Tommy's 1st birthday.
 They are big-time Phillies Phanatics!

Ava loves Dora!

The littlest granddaughter, Ava, turned 3!

She got a camera and took pictures of Buck all by herself!

Now, we always go see our grandkids on their birthdays, sometimes it's simple
 homemade cakes, and sometimes it's full-blown affairs with pony rides,
 barbeques, pizza parties, ice cream cakes, or sit down suppers. 
 But what's important is that we are all together, making the birthday person know
 how special they are and how much we love them.!

Now each month of the new year we will fill in the new datebook
 with everyone's special day, and in a big family there are  surely birthdays every month!

Wish you lots of  fun Birthday Celebrations this new year!

Love,  Linda

  :(    I just missed the party at
  We were supposed to write about our ways of celebrating birthdays!
  Check it out, it's great!  
 However,  I could not upload photos last week, due to a problem with
Internet Explorer and Blogger. 
I tried unsuccessfully to send feedback, and finally found out that if
I posted using Goggle Chrome as my browser instead,
 that I  might be able to upload.   Yeah!  It worked!

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