Saturday, August 25, 2012

Allie's turn!

Charming!   If I had only one word to describe her, this would be it.
 She is the most loving child and so imaginative, and fun. 

She keeps us laughing with her "Allie-isms", as her mother calls them. 

When she was five, she told me some astonishing fact, and when I asked her how she knew it, she simply replied, "Everyone knows I'm the smartest kid in the world, Grandma Linda!"
A year ago, she informed me that she's not the same girly-girl princess-style little girl any more, "now I'm more into artistic clothes and cool stuff".  She is just funny and lighthearted,  and makes everyone smile!

She loves decorating, designing and she's so creative. Recently she made her own jewelry organizer, from a discarded  doll-house part she found in the basement.  She sews with her other grandma and made an outfit and modeled it  in the 4-H Fashion Show this year.  She's busy now making back-to-school notebooks, embellished with the latest  wild and crazy duct-tapes!

She got an I Phone, and here's the latest Instagram photo she posted!.
"I'm sexy and I know it!"

Now it's her day to shine, she's turning 12!
Happy Birthday, Allie!
 You are such a delight to all who know you
 and an inspiration to me!

Clearly, her parents are doing a marvelous job!

I thought I'd share this creed.  I had it posted in my
kid's rooms when they were little,  it's timeless,
 and good for Grandma Linda  to read again and practice!

Children Learn What They Live
If children live with....
....criticism, they learn to condemn.
....hostility, they learn to fight
....ridicule, they learn to be shy
....shame, they learn to feel guilty
....tolerance, they learn to be patient
....encouragement, they learn confidence
....praise, they learn to appreciate
....fairness, they learn justice, they learn to have faith
....approval, they learn to like themselves
....acceptance and friendship,
     they learn to find love in the world.
                                          Dorothy L. Nolte

 We are so thankful for this delightful child God has blessed us with!  And I'm
 so lovin' all the grandkid's birthday celebrations we've been having lately!

Hope you're enjoying making special
memories with your families!
Love, Linda

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Raging hormones

Two of my granddaughters just turned 14
and I have lots in common with them!
 They are maturing physically.
 So am I,  but  in different ways. Changing.....,yeah, me too!
 While I'm trying to keep young,
they are trying so hard to be older!
 They're searching for answers and meaning in life.
 I've found it and and am trying to find important ways
 to share it and make a difference in their lives.
   While I struggle with hot flashes, new wrinkles and joint pain,
 they fret over pimples,cramps, and what their friends think of them.
I know they need me more than ever now,
 as sometimes  their parents can't reach them,
 and I have a special kind of rapport with them,
 because they are not trying to seperate from their grandma
 and of course, I think the sun rises and sets on them,
and I know they're absolutely perfect, while their folks
are feeling the perfectly normal feelings
 of being at odds with them half of the time.
 My grandmothers were my strongest allies,
 when I was a teenager trying to find myself
 and break away from my parents, so I understand. 

I praised her for singing in the middle school concert.
You have to support the interests that are positive. 

Raging hormones in teens cause ups and downs.  There are hard decisions about sex, drugs, wanting independence and more freedom. Peer pressure and  heavy demands of career planning and school are just some of the stresses on kids.  But old grandma remembers, knows this is all part of life,  has learned alot about looking at the bright side and perseverance and all that good stuff, and is ready and willing to listen and encourage. I tell them always do your best and trust God and everything will be all right.  And always follow your dreams, you can do anything you put your mind to, believe in yourself.   I try to make them confident and hopeful.  I believe with self-esteem and hopes and dreams, they will behave better. But I know these teen years are sometimes turbulent.
Here are some ways I think Grandmoms can help:
  • Listen without judgement 
  • Remember the advantage you have, they trust you.  You can gain their confidence and influence them.
  • Relate to them by telling your story.
  • Tell them your philosophy-what worked and what didn't.
  • Explain why doing well in school is so important to their future.
  • Support their positive interests
  • Convince them they have a great future.
  • Support their parents
  • Have fun adventures together.
  • Keep positive, problem-solving approach.
  • Develope rituals and social values
  • Bring their heritage to life
  • Find and share information about careers, jobs, schools, resources
  • Don't wait for them to come to you. Reach out and be there. 
  • When you can't see them, call, text, comment on FB, send cards! 

My twin nieces and granddaughter hanging out at the park

 Amber was such a good sport,
modeling some vintage fashions
for me for my Etsy shop.
  They were fifties, and eighties clothing,
 and it was a very warm day,
 but we had a fun photo shoot!

She's a lovely model,
 and this was a great opportunity
to praise her, and talk about poise,
posture, and grace.
I also shared about my business
and taught her about vintage styles
which lead to stories about when
 I was her age.

Amber models a sixties gown with grace.

Love to see those smiles!

Abby just finished softball season on a championship team!

These amazing girls were born just  3 days apart!
Happy Birthday,Abby and Amber!
 God bless you and guide you
as you delight in your youth!

Your belief in your grandchild fosters her belief  in herself.

I'm doing my best to make a difference!
I found some great resources!, has two great articles.
8 Things Teens Won't Tell You
Having the Talk-Teens &Sex

and a good book, The Essential Grandparent, by Dr. Lillian Carson
I hope you enjoy your exciting role of grandmother as much as I do!!
Love, Grandma Linda