Wednesday, March 11, 2015

No Mo Chemo

Amy's fab decorations for the NO MO CHEMO Party! 
"No Mo Chemo"  that was our slogan last month, when we rejoiced as I completed 16 infusions over 24 weeks of chemotherapy.   We celebrated with a big pink surprise party and lots of friends and family were there to cheer me on for the rest of my fight. It was wonderful!  They honored me with gorgeous decorations,  beautiful cake, delicious food.  And they  smothered me with love,  and lots of hugs and  kisses.  They showered me with gift cards, and special presents. This is tremendously helpful because I have had so little income. I am so blessed and much loved,  I never want to forget this feeling!  I am forever grateful for this extravagant outpouring of love.

Lots of family here , the nieces, nephews,  my daughters and my Mom and me!

Amy made these  fabulous shirts! 
brother and wife,  Bill and Betty
partying with me!

Glorious dessert table with pink treats, candies and cake!

Adorable Gift Card Flower Pot display, made by my nieces Noelle and Jennifer.
 Filled with really useful gift cards from Visa,  Wawa, Shop-Rite, and all
 kinds of restaurants and stores!

Since then, I've been a little busy, pre-admission tests, and my own work to get out of the way.  
Then I had my dreaded surgery, and that went great, with not too much pain, and a scar that is not too bad looking. I am so relieved to have the tumor removed, and my lymph nodes. It eliminates some of the  fear of the cancer spreading.   I am now downgraded to stage 2 breast cancer!  My hair is coming back, I have a little crew cut.
A visit from the littlest family members just delights me and makes me feel all better!
The best medicine!
Niece Becca holding my granddaughter Emilie,
and my daughter Julie holding my grandnephew Jackson -
 they switched babies for this shot! 

 Gorgeous flowers and get well wishes!  Thank you my loves!  They are so beautiful!

My dear sister  took me home from the hospital for a few days and  nursed me at her very comfortable home.  I truly rested,  and was treated like a princess by her and her husband. 
Beverly made Roasted Pepper Potato Soup, whole-grain goodness pancakes and delicious omelets, for breakfast and we caught up on some Blue Bloods episodes and saw some good movies!
 My nieces, sister and mother came to visit with flowers, wedding soup, and cinnamon buns.

After a couple so-so days back at home, at first I didn't feel as good, but I've been steadily regaining my strength. I'm  having less discomfort and getting all the appointments scheduled for the next phase of treatments.  I've been busy with follow-up oncology and surgeon doctor appointments. Next I  will go for physical therapy, CAT scan, an  dexa scan.  Then radiation will begin at the end of March for about 7 weeks.
 Today I went to an endodonist, because they want a root canal , which we've been putting off, to be completed before the radiation begins. I really wasn't afraid, but it wasn't my favorite place to go.

It's funny, that verse was hand written on the back of  
note paper that I wrote the directions to the endodonist on ! 
 God goes with me- even to the root canal doctor!
I miss the babies, because I can't lift, so I am not babysitting, but I am getting to see them
and visited just yesterday. They seemed to grow a lot on the days I miss being with them.
Goodness gracious, she has cut 2 more teeth,  her 2 top teeth, 
 and started standing and walking around the coffee table in the
 last two weeks, since my surgery! 
backyard snow fun with mommy

Out to dinner with Aunt Amy 

Tom  as  the Cat in The Hat , to celebrate Dr. Suess's birthday at school.
I have been thinking about my hopes and dreams, which are all about getting well, beating cancer and living to enjoy many more years with my children, grandchildren and all my lovies.  I feel full of hope, because I am assured that I will be made well.  I wonder what new things I will want to try, I wonder what my hair will look like when it grows back.  I wonder what things I will change to live better.  I wonder how my life will be different, what I will do different and better.
I know I have changed.  I hope I can give back lots of love that I am being given,  and be worthy of His love too!

Thank you for your continued prayers and hopes for me! 
Love, Linda