Saturday, October 26, 2013

October Blessings

My daughter's new home has the most beautiful views. 
 I've started slipping out into the backyard, after everyone leaves for work and school,
as I wait for  little Thomas to awaken, to watch the sunrise and say
 "Thank you for this new day"
Most evenings, Tommy and I go out front  to watch the gorgeous fall sunsets.
I feel so blessed and contented to spend the days at her lovely home
 with Thomas, on the days she works.

We are getting settled in, and it's really starting to feel like home.
Her new home is ginormous, and since my family is large,
 my daughter is looking forward to entertaining and making her house
 the family "party place".  It will be wonderful, being able to accommodate
 our enormous, rambunctious crowd for the upcoming holiday gatherings.
 Her kitchen  is roomy and efficient, a great place to cook.  I'm in heaven!

My mother and all her kids at my sister's home, where we grew up!
         I have six younger siblings. My niece recently had an engagement party,
 and for the first time in years, all of my brothers and sisters were able to be together.
 Mom was quite pleased!

My little grandson Tommy is now 3 yrs. old and insists he is Batman.  
We were grocery shopping and he got to ride in this attached car 
while I pushed the cart.  He frightened a couple old ladies! 

I've been practice driving with my older grandson lately too, as he just turned 17!

 I recently took him to get his driver's license!  Woo-hoo!
  Lots of excitement around here lately, with Gary's birthday, new job, new car,
the new house- new rooms to decorate and all!

Brand  new driver!  Gary's behind the wheel!  

And there's a beautiful yard  too,  paradise for me!
I've assumed the responsibility of tending the landscaping and just
 finished trimming the barberry bushes.  Ouch! They are really full of prickles!

On chilly mornings now, Tommy likes oatmeal with apples and cinnamon.
Toddler Apple-Cinnamon  Oatmeal
Simply dice up some apples, place 1/4 cup oats, apples, and 
1/2 cup water, in microwavable bowl with high sides so it won't boil over. 
Stir,  Cook for 1 minute.  
Add honey and cinnamon to taste.  

I had  to make him another serving, he gobbled it down so well.

Make your own fall arrangements!
It's so easy to gather fall leaves, berries and whatever is still growing 
in thegarden and use your imagination with various containers. 
 Free flower arrangements!   
Julie has  lots of mums in the garden and  Burning Bushes with berries
 so, I like to keep a fresh  arrangement on the kitchen island.
Look at the pretty green marble counter top she has!
 She brought me the  pretty mug from a recent trip to Florida.  

There's my girl, Julie
My girl, Amy

We carved Jack O"Lanterns and painted pumpkins last weekend!

 Make your own pureed  pumpkin!
I took the cut-out  pumpkin flesh, cut it into 1 1/2" chunks,
 and baked it in a foil-covered baking pan,
 while a roast was in the oven .  When tender, I cooled it,  pureed it,
then stored it in 1/2 cup portions, and placed  them in the freezer.
 Later,  I  will thaw it for making pancakes and waffles, and muffins.

I  have heard about  many different ways to preserve your cut pumpkin, 
and the best way I've found is to use a cleaner with bleach, like Clorox Clean-up.
Just take it outside and spray with this product, let sit upside down to drain and dry.
 It may slow down the mold  that grows on your Jack O'lantern, and make it last longer. .

So many conflicting events on  my weekends!  But I didn't  miss the birthdays!
Last weekend, I  shared  special birthday celebrations with two granddaughters,
 sisters  turning 4 and 8.

Cupcake Cake, at their Princess Party

 I'm so  blessed to have all these precious young people to love! 

  Grandchildren are the best part of growing older! 

Then there was my baby sister's 50th birthday!
Lord have mercy!  Can you believe she is 50? 
Bev makes the coolest cakes!
Lots of incredible food at my sister Beverly's home. She is the best cook!
 Her parties are so much fun!
  Have you tried the fluffy pumpkin dip everyone's talking about? So delish!

Pumpkin Fluff Dip
1 can  (15 ounces)   pumpkin puree, 
 1 Pkg. instant vanilla pudding,
 1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice 
Mix together, then fold in  1  (16 ounces) container Cool Whip.  Chill until serving. 
 Serve with graham crackers, spiced wafers, or fruit for dipping.  Yummy! 


 But anyway, the sunsets back  at Julie's have been amazing!
  Thomas likes to tricycle down the street at dusk,  and we enjoy
 the colors in the sky and collect fall  leaves.

 You know, I was secretly worried when my daughter talked about moving a few months ago.
  I was afraid she would move further away, that Thomas would go to nursery school.
 I felt sad thinking she wouldn't need me anymore to stay with him.
  Then it all happened fairly quickly.  They found their dream home and had a quick settlement.
 Turns out, the new house is even closer to my home than the old one was!
  In late August,  I helped with the  big move.  We've been really busy for several weeks,
 getting settled in.  I feel that I helped make things go smoother for them.
 I've been thrilled to help decorate and set up the new home.  I am so happy !
    Much to my delight, I've  found that she needs me now more than ever!
I've been cooking most every night, doing housekeeping, weeding, pruning shrubs, and laundry.
Julie assured me that she'll still need me even if Tommy eventually goes
 to pre-school, because she works 12 hour shifts.
  And now, I know they need me, because ..................
  (I'll tell you a secret!) 

 New House, New Baby !

Yes, we are expecting another precious gift from above! 
So,  this grandma is extremely satisfied,
 to be doing the most meaningful work, 
and feeling like I can truly make a difference
 in this little family's lives.  
 It just keeps getting better! 

Love, Linda