Friday, November 6, 2015

Proud Mama!

      My daughter Amy just learned that she passed the New Jersey Bar Exam.  We have been waiting for months for the results. She has been unable to pursue certain jobs until passing,  and our family really needed some good news after a very difficult year.
       I am ecstatic!  I wouldn't care one iota if she passed or not.  I know she's brilliant, capable,  ambitious,  but I wanted her to have this success, the reward due her, after all her many years of  hard work.
       Praise God!  He has answered my prayers!
 Congratulations my darling girl!   Now,  may God bless you with a wonderful, meaningful and fulfilling career wherever He leads you! 

When she got her Masters from Montclair University
her future looked bright!

Then, last year Amy got her law degree at Rutgers School of Law!
Amy is so creative!  She knows I like the saying,
" Live well, Laugh often, Love much!"
 She made me these pink pumpkins  and helped me every way
she possibly could with her steadfast love and support! 
She enthusiastically cheered me on, and celebrated the successful
completion of each and every phase of my breast cancer treatment.
 She and her sister even gave me a big surprise "No Mo Chemo Party"
 and started a facebook group page called Love for Linda,
which I continue to add cancer info, important links,  and updates to.
 I hope it's encouraging and helpful to others, as everyone's support
 means so very much to me!
She's always there to help with my grandkids, enriching their lives
Fun times, and filling in for me when I am unable to mind them.
 They adore her!  She is such a loving, doting aunt and a wonderful role model.

Just one year ago,  when we attended a big gala event together,
I was beginning my fight against breast cancer with chemotherapy.
 I was wearing  my brand  new wig because I completely lost my hair.
 Throughout the  year,  Amy gave me many special gifts and treats, took me to
movies and other outings and went to some doctor appointments with me.
I was trying to show grace, but actually I was being spoiled,  and my daughters
 made it all  so much easier for me!
So I did what I could to help my daughter, all along the way, and I always prayed for her, even if I could do nothing else, and God heard my prayers and gave her strength, and ability.  We have been through a lot together.  Our family has weathered my divorce, cancer, the recent loss of my son and Amy's grandfather, and many years of tough schooling and many moves. But  Amy's been strong and resilient. She's persevered and stayed positive. She's become a  very dear friend as an adult to her mama, and I'm so proud and thankful I am blessed with her in my life!

    I am so grateful that God hears the pleading prayers of a mother for her child's wellbeing. He sends the right people to us to help us, protects us, provides us with all we need,  and is always there with us!  He shows me that all things are possible with God!

                I guess a mother is allowed to brag a little! 
Couldn't contain my happiness, had to share this! 
Love. Linda

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