Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy May Day!

A clematis in Cape May, New Jersey

The world's favorite season is the spring.
All  things seem possible in May.
                           --- Edwin Way Teale

Did you know that today is also Law Day ?

"In 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower established it 
as  a special day of celebration for the people of the US. ", 
says Wikipedia.    Most people are unaware of this holiday.
  Once again, this year,  President Obama issued a
Presidential Proclamation, designating May 1, as Law Day
 and this year's theme is:
 No Courts...No Justice...No Freedom

 "1. In appreciation of liberties
             reaffirmation of loyalty to US,
                   re-dedication to ideals of equality
and justice under law
        2. for cultivating respect for law
                 that is so vital to the democratic
way of life",
(I paraphrased what 36 USC  113 states)

Just think, bloggers!  It's the Bill of Rights that assures 
 us  these basic liberties, and what allows us to blog, tweet, 
pin, and use facebook in just about anyway we please!
Equal Protection
Freedom of Speech
Right to Assemble
and Religious Freedom

For posters and other teaching resources,

Memorial Day  flags in Cape May, New Jersey neighborhood
I am so grateful today, for these values and freedoms, 
that many in the world do not enjoy!   Later this month, 
we will remember and honor all those who fought and
 died to give us those rights.
May Day is celebrated in many different cultures in many different ways.
It is also internationally known as Labor Day, commemorating the struggles
 of working people.  

 One website from India had this saying:
"God give me work, till my life should end
And  life, until my work is done." 

 So, May 1st is  a very special day! 
 My simple custom is to deliver a little basket bouquet 
to a neighbor,  ring the doorbell and run away. 
 Tradition says, if you are caught, you get kissed. 

                  Sweet April showers
                      Do bring May flowers.
                              ---Thomas Tusser, A Hundred Good
                                                           Points of Husbandry, 1557

Lilies in Cape May, New Jersey

Ah! Spring is here. The rabbits quit
their dens,
the dormant grass begins once more
to grow.
The trees release their airborne
It's time to tune the Toro and to mow,
To fertilize and lime and thatch and seed
As groveling on dirty, servile knees--
You pluck the dreaded dandelion weed
And rub your itching eyes and start to sneeze.
Wherever grass enchroaches, you must
And don't forget to stir the compost heap
And trim the juniper unruly hedge,
While forfeiting a needed hour of sleep.
Those poets penning praise to spring
And tillage
Are domiciled in lofts in Greenwich
--- Bob Mc Kenty, A Sonnet for Spring

Sweet Peas in Cape May, New Jersey

"You are as welcome as the flowers in May"---Charles Macklin

                      Love, Linda

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Eclectically Vintage said...

So glad you popped over so I could find you.

I did not know about Law Day - love learning new things! Love those Cape May flags - do you live there? I'm a Jersey girl too.

By the way, did you get kissed when you delivered that May Day basket?!

Linda Young said...

No, I love visiting Cape May though! I grew up in Woodbury Heights, have lived in Forked River, Bridgeton, and Vineland, now Sicklerville. I sent Teddy next door, and I didn't ask if he got kissed. Maybe I should! LOL
My daughter is a a law student at Rutgers, and she didn't know about Law Day either! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours! I sell vintage! Love, Linda