Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Down the shore"

What a weekend!  I was in Cape May, New Jersey  on a paint job.
 In the evenings, I walked and saw the most gorgeous homes and gardens.
 I just loved being "down the shore",   as we say in South Jersey,
 enjoying this  lovely Victorian resort town .

     I came down here  before 6 a.m.,  to see the sun rise over the ocean,
 but the beach was facing south. It was overcast, but still glorious
 in the new dawn to watch the endless waves roll in, and  listen
 to the sea's powerful crashing.  I tried to just be still and meditate,
 until I spotted some dolphins frolicking.

It's such a quaint seaside community, where you feel safe to walk around,
 even at night.   I was so blessed to be able to work here for a few days,
 refreshing the interior of a rental unit before the summer crowds ascend.
Then, on my time off,  I went to the beach and walked around
 the neighborhoods and shops.


Linda Lee Bed and Breakfast
The John F. Craig House, 1866 Carpenter Gothic  inn

"The pink house"   It has a  fabulous fashion boutique and jewelry store

Inviting porches

The fence at the Emmitt Physick Estate
 They were holding a craft show this weekend on the grounds

The  US Coast Guard Boot Camp is near where we stayed, and the new recruits run by,
 singing cadence chants right down Madison Avenue, and we run out to watch them. 
"My  grandmother is 91..., my grandmother is 91.....
She did PT just for fun... , she  did PT just for fun........"
Makes you feel kinda proud! 

I love this color scheme!

A peek into a lovely courtyard garden

I was amazed to see this unusual petunia with
 a chartruese edge, cascading from a shop's window box.

Here's another pretty variegated plant I couldn't identify.
 Anybody know what this is?

I just adore this sage  that grows very well here.

The Victorian houses are so grand! 
 Hmmm, looks like I could have plenty of work, scraping and
 re-painting these "painted ladies" each year.
 The damp salt air is hard on them, weathers them terribly.
Every property requires constant upkeep.

This is such a quaint seaside community,
 where you feel safe to walk around, even at night.
I was so blessed to be able to work here for a few days,
 painting the interior of a rental unit.  A working vacation.
Ah, the summer begins. 
 Sweet, sweet summer in Cape May. 

Love, Linda

I've been grilled by Grandma's Briefs!

I joined the party!



Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Linda!

Welcome to Grandma's Briefs! You have a very pretty blog. I've visited Cape May twice in my life. It is a beautiful seaside town and I also love those Painted Lady Victorian houses.

Susan Adcox said...

Love the middle picture! Congratulations on your grilling.

Linda Young said...

Thank you! I love this place! I think Lisa is doing a great job, bringing us together!

Linda Young said...

Thank you so much,Pat! I wish I could live in Cape May! Or in a gorgeous old house like those!