Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's Mother's Birthday!

It's Mother's Birthday!
 Blizzard conditions and baby Emilie, my granddaughter,
 just got out of the hospital, so no party this weekend.
But we will celebrate!  Mother is 85, and looks great.
 She has been such a champion this year, praying for me
 and giving me so much support during and after my
 breast cancer battle. She's been a pillar of strength and
 given me comfort and continual reassurance since
 I lost my son,  and she lost her first grandchild. 
 We talk every day on the phone, and we sing a special
song together, " Does Jesus Care?"   (Click on the title)
 Listen to  the words this comforting song! 
 Mother loves the Gaithers, and all gospel music, hymns,
 patriotic, country and 40s-50s  music. 

Elizabeth , "Betty Boop",  Betty Crocker, but "Mother"  to me.

She's a little lady, but a big prayer warrior.
 She taught me to bake, clean and sew, but most importantly
she showed me how to trust Jesus and believe in God.
Thank you Mother for all you've given me, and all of us,
 for your fine example and your tender love throughout the years.

Here's Mother with my baby daughter Julie, February 7, 1978

37 years later, here's Mother with Julie and her daughter Emilie.

She gave me six little brothers and sisters to love,
Mom loves this photo of all her kids, about 12 years ago.
 And more recently,  here we are celebrating
my brother's  60th birthday 

September 2015, Bobby's 60!
My,  we are getting old! 

There is nothing that pleases my mother more than to have
all her children together! 

It's my 5th Blog anniversary! 
Thank you for following, for your prayers  
 and for your thoughtful comments,
 they mean so much to me!

Wishing Mother God's richest blessings,
and a healthy life full of love and joy,
with the family and friends she loves so dearly!
Love, Linda

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