Saturday, June 15, 2013

Flag Day Thoughts

Today I packed up the U S Navy exhibit that we set up a few days ago.
 The American Legion wraps up their convention tonight with a cocktail party.
 I felt so proud as I heard about the veterans and their families reminiscing when
they saw  familiar old  ship's weapons, instruments, equipment and mess hall gear.
  It thrilled me to hear about  the families that wandered in from the boardwalk,
explaining to their children about our Navy's history and missions, in our little
 "Please touch museum".   It was very rewarding, to be a part of this event.

 Someone gave me a star,  and I  am very moved, on this flag day.
It is cut from a flag that had to be destroyed.

I also learned about the American flag and Military funerals, the 21 gun salute and the
 Honor Guard's meticulous folding of the flag and what it means.  
Veterans and spouses can get help with planning  funerals and honors ceremonies,
 getting a U.S. flag for burial purposes, and learn about VA burial benefits from Dignity Memorial

 It's so important to know about our "symbol of liberty and freedom" and share it with our children .  

I'm very proud of this officer's dining table display. 

 Big shells

Ahoy, mateys, I see land.  

 Korean War Monument

 Vietnam Memorial 
Wildwood, New Jersey

Much like the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C., but a smaller scale.
 Today the veterans placed a fresh wreath and I watched them gather around this amazing site.
sharing memories and gratitude, honoring comrades and heroes.

Really cool welcome to Wildwoods by the sea! 

Wildwood Boardwalk

Mural on a  boardwalk store's side wall.  You know how I like those murals!

"Watch the Tram Car, Please! "

 The veterans have taken over the Wildwood motels!
 Wildwood N.J. has more Doo-Wop style motels than any place in the world!

Check out those plastic palm trees! 

Wildwood,  New Jersey Convention Center
Huge, modern facility, hosts many events, and big stars,
including the Car Show and Auction I attend  every September. 
 See  my previous posts,  One Last Summer Fling, September 20, 2012,
 for "cars on the boards")

 Oh well, (sigh)  the convention's over, so home we go! 
Another successful  job completed, sure enjoyed it! 

I love this sailor statue! 

Right back  in downtown Vineland, N.J, our hometown, there's a monument that I never noticed, until I walked "down the avenue", at the  recent Cruise Night.
  It was dedicated in 1911, so it's been there a long time.  It is a  beautiful  Civil War  monument, with a soldier, and a sailor, pretty impressive.    

 My heart is full, this night, with gratitude for  all those who have served
and given so much for my  liberty,  freedom, and safety.

Love, Linda 

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Kathryn Ross said...

A truly patriotic post and very appropriate as we come into the 4th of July season very soon! Just dropping by to let you know I linked to you - finally got the Dolly & Me Tea post up and am moving forward with some career changes which will allow me back into Blogland on a regular basis - and - opening an Etsy shop!! More on that, soon! And - yes - saw you at Cruise night and glad you found out some Vineland history with the war memorial monument. I have a great photo of the dedication of it - the street was a mass of vintage clothing on Vineland citizens witnessing the historic moment!
P.S. Here's my post link:

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Great post! I too think it is important for our children to understand about the flag...many are not being taught the correct history.

Thanks so much for stopping by my post about my old house. It is in S. Jersey as well! Even in your old home town (or current one.)

Enjoy the 4th!


Dolly Sarrio said...

Great post. It is very nice and a wonderful tribute!

Suzan Sweatman said...

What a beautiful patriotic post - love love love!
Came by because you left such a sweet comment on my blog ( you're a no reply blogger by the way )and am now very happily following you back!
Much love from Montreal,

Suzan Sweatman said...

oh and by the way - you mentionned you were confused because google friend connect was supposed to go away - I think a lot of people were - it was never going away - only the google reader was!