Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tea with the USN Silver and China!

Nautical Dinnerware Collection Goes to Convention

is in  Wildwood, New Jersey,  June 13-15, 2013,      and I'm so proud to be a part of it! 
 I am preparing and setting up a huge, impressive  display of my friend's extensive collections,
 representing the  U.S.Navy.  We've done this before, but this will be the biggest and best yet!

 Look at what I've been doing to get ready! 

This time, I am adding the nautical dinnerware, silver and china to my friend's exhibit.
  I convinced him that the public would like to see it, and we are 
setting up a mock-up  officers' dining table  along with the other displays.  
Now, I have to gather and clean the silver first.  
A pretty little mustard server


 Wright's, Twinkle, Hagerty, Weiman's,  or  whatever you use, I think it takes lots of elbow grease, soft sponges and cloths, patience. scrubbing and rubbing off the tarnish,  careful rinsing,  then buffing and polishing with soft cloths.
Oh, I love cleaning this beautiful silver!  Unusual job today, and I am working in my friend's kitchen,
 looking at the birds out the window, feeling very nostalgic.  Some of this silver dates back to civil war times, much of the china was in use during   WWII.

Wright's silver cream  is a thick pink paste that I gently rubbed on with it's dampsponge applicator.
 I like to work with an old towel under me, and another clean towel on the other side of the sink,
  to drain the clean rinsed pieces.
  Then, after I get a couple pieces rinsed, I'll wash my hands,  and begin drying and polishing. 

                                         Some pieces hadn't been polished for many years.

 This is all officer's silver ware, made by Reed and Barton,
 International Silver Company, Wallace Silversmiths,
Wm. Rogers Brothers, and Meriden Brita Brittania.

King's pattern

 National Eagle with USN beneath, for senior officers
This handsome insignia is engraved on the large water pitcher .

   Here's the top of the lid of the water pitcher.

Lovely fruit bowl.

Vinegar and Oil Caddy.  Cruets are missing.  I love this intricate work!

U.S. Navy Silverware, King's pattern
 Two stars means it's  the Admiral's  silver 

USN on  handle-

  warrant officer's silverware.

Square Knot,  Junior Grade Officer,  Ensign/Lt JG's silverware

I've managed to get quite a lot of pieces polished.  I am going to set tables for 10. 

Now it's time for me to take a tea break. I set up this tea service for me. Isn't it beautiful?  
 I'll bet my tea-lovin' girlfriends have never used any china and silver tea service like this! 
 US Navy Cobalt Blue Fouled Anchor China  made by Homer Laughlin, 1940's-1950's
 It was for the officers' wardroom mess.

This teapot pattern  is an older style.
The large pot served four, and the smaller one in front is an individual pot.

 Footed Egg Cups

Fouled Anchor- all officer's, and USN-warrant officer's 

Commissioning Pennant with 4 stars 

 The Navy used fine china made by companies such as  Homer Laughlin, 
Oneida China Co., and Shenango China.


After my  tea,  I began assembling some stainless steel cookware and serving pieces
 that were used by the cooks and some serving pieces used by enlisted men in  the
 mess hall.    Many ladles, spoons and pots and pans were made by Vollrath.

These heavy handle-less cups are practically unbreakable.

Huge coffee pot for the enlisted men


Around my friend's home are many other pieces of equipment from U.S. Navy ships
We will not be taking all  of  his collections to the American Legion Convention.  
But, I wanted you to see how fantastic they are.

I've helped my friend on many occasions, to rewind these and reset them.
Quite a job when the  time changes!

Ship's wheel

A 5 foot  model of the USS Barton (DD-722)
My friend  had this exquisite model made of the ship he served on in the 60"s.
It is proudly displayed in his home.       .

US Navy Fouled Anchor, the symbol for all officer's , 

 Optical Range Finder Training Equipment

 Highline chair, a transfer chair, suspends from a cable, to move someone  from one ship to another. 

My Daddy, as a young sailor, during the Korean War.

I was a Navy brat. then I grew up and married a young sailor,
and that's why I have strong sentiments for everything about the Navy.
 Dad was a mechanic, A Machinist Mate, and served in   Rhode Island,
Memphis, TN., Pensacola, FL  and Virginia Beach, VA.
He served in the sixth fleet. He was over seas about 3 times
  and had sea duty on aircraft carriers.
 I was born at the Philadelphia Navy Hospital.
 My son, my ex, My father-in-law,  many of my uncles, cousins, and close
friends have also served in the U.S. Navy, and other branches of the military
 for that matter. 

My father-in-law, a  U.S.Navy pilot  and flight instructor during WWII. 

These are my own special heroes, and  I know you know someone too, who served. 
Thank God for them.
 Or you may know someone special , who  is currently serving in our military forces,
 Thank God for them,  and pray for them diligently.

Those who go down to the sea in ships,
Who do business on great waters,
They see the works of the Lord,
And his wonders in the deep.
Psalm 107: 23-24

The  New Jersey American Legion is sharing  this annual celebration of our nation's
armed forces, all the branches, so we might honor  our servicemen and women,
 and showing these exhibits, so the public can learn our rich history.
Last year thousands attended this annual convention in Wildwood, N.J.

June 12 is flag day!  We recently honored our veterans on Memorial Day, 
and now Father's Day fast  approaches.  Soon it will be the 4th of July! 
So, especially now, I feel nostalgic, and I hope you will pray along with me,
 for our great country.  We are in a lot of trouble.
 We owe it to those who sacrificed their lives and gave so much so we can be free,
 to fix America's problems and return our country to what it was,
the land of the free, one nation under God. 
 So please, let's pay attention, and find out what we can do to make things right.  

  God Bless America!

I am going to the parties this week at

Love, Linda


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Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Hello, Linda! Wow, Wildwood, NJ!!! A real blast from my past. I spent a lot of time there while dating a "fellow" who was born and raised there.

Now my favorite beach is Ocean City, still NJ but a little further North.

Enjoyed your post very much!

You are right, we do need much prayer. I will be joining you.

Melody said...

My Dad was a USMC on carries for aircraft sometimes. Thanks for sharing with us at the Cottage Cintage Style party!

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wow, what a great post...I will bring my silver over for you to polish LOL....:)