Monday, June 4, 2012

On the way to Cape May.......

One more glorious weekend  "down the shore"!   How fortunate I am, that the owner of the house I just painted and cleaned, is having new carpets installed and wants me to return next weekend.
   I'll help arrange new furniture, clean up any messes the contractors left behind, make up the beds, and make sure everything is perfect for the next lucky guest!  This is  what I do, in my business, saving the landlord lots of time, stress and money, making everything sparkle.
   Check us out!

 Then I will go to the beach!
In the evening,  I'll visit the shops and  walk around admiring the beautiful homes and gardens!

First,  an awesome project revisited, while I was in the neighborhood last week!

The long sections on this piece seemed perfect
for the Cape May Lighthouse, and a pylon with a seagull!
  I  custom- painted
this  funtastic furniture
 for another Cape May resident
 a few years ago..   
 and am proud  and delighted
 that the owners still enjoy these
 special pieces in their charming home.

 For inspiration,
 the owner gave me
a postcard of
 Cape May beaches,
 a sample of  the main colors
 they wanted me to use,
  but left the  designs
entirely up to me.

This whimsical toybox lives in the playroom,
waiting for future grandchildren to visit.

A nostalgic touch!   The owner's son was a lifeguard as a teen,
so this scene depicting a lifeguard stand and lifeboat
was very meaningful to the family.

I remember completing this furniture,  just in time for their daughter's wedding.
She was married on the beach, and they had a flip-flop theme at the reception! 
The wedding guests had a fantastic time at this lovely seashore home
 for this most- memorable occasion.

But now, I'll just get my things ready,  for another trip "down the shore",
mixing up a little business and pleasure.

  "On the way to Cape May....I fell in love with you!
        On the way to Cape May,... I saw my dreams come true."

I can't stop singing this song!!!!!!

The Abbey

Cape May Beach

Estate  jewelry and antiques shoppe

Cool stuff in the Pink House

Stop and smell the roses!

Love, Linda

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Jeanne said...

Beautiful work! Have fun next weekend!

Anne said...

Amazing work.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

You did an amazing job on the furniture!....Always wanted to go to Cape May....heard it was fantastic!

Doll in the Looking Glass said...

I am so envious. I have always wanted to visit Cape May and stay at a lovely Victorian B&B. The paintings you did on the furniture are delightful!

Visiting from You're Gonna Love It.

Candy said...

You're a very talented lady. Great pieces.
Im now following you. Please come visit me at and maybe you'll follow back???

Linda Young said...

Love, love, love your blog, yes, I'm following you! This is so great!

Linda Young said...

Thanks so much, Jeanne!

Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said...

Oh, I love that toy box. You are quite talented. Lovely work!

Thank you for linking up to GRAND Social!

Enjoy your trip!

Grandma Kc said...

Just stopping in from the Grand Social. Your furniture projects are just amazing! You really are talented!

Connie said...

Really nice work!

Linda Young said...

Thank you so much! Go there, if you ever get the chance!

Linda Young said...
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Linda Young said...

Thank you, Lisa! I am grateful to you for hosting the party, and the Grandma Grillin' too! I've made some great friends and connections through you. You are truly doing something wonderful with your very special blog!

Linda Young said...

I know! Cape May is a wonderful place! I'm so blessed and happy to be working there!
The furniture--It was so much fun to paint, I wish I could get orders for more projects and do that all day! (Instead I'm cleaning windows, ovens, bathrooms, painting ceilings and trim! etc.) ;)
I'm pleased that they treasure and display it!