Monday, June 18, 2012

"Famous Fifties", Flowers and Fun

Father's Day weekend I went to upstate New York
 for a  car show to sell literature on vintage cars.
 The theme was 'Famous Fifties",
 but they included  all vintage cars, up to 1975.
 The flowers and scenery were so  pretty at this
Hudson Valley Resort setting and the weather
was absolutely gorgeous!

My gardening friends, be not dismayed, 
there are more garden pictures right in the middle of this post.

56 Olds Rocket   hood ornament

Check out the reflection of Old Glory in the bumper of this 1953 Chevy

a street-rodded Terraplain, by Hudson  1937 or 38

 I loved singing along with the doo-wop singers!

 Each night I enjoyed a fun fifties concert.

1949 Ford

The Hudson Valley Resort had some beautiful gardens!
Weddings, family reunions, and other events are held here. 
 There are many conference rooms,  a large theater, 
 a golf course,  indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts and a spa. 
  Nearby are parks, Hudson River cruises, historical sites and more.

Many varieties of roses bloomed throughout the property 
and  multi-flowering bushes of soft pink roses surrounded the gazebo.

Can somebody tell me what this pretty bush is?

And this plant is full of buds, and I can't identify it either.
A young fellow sold these hand-carved fantasy garden 
benches and yard decorations,  he crafted from tree trunks!
This poppy field has made poor Dorothy very sleepy!

1956 Oldsmobile

This van was covered in fabulous artwork- scenes from the Wizard of Oz

Did I ever tell you, I played Dorothy, in my  high school
 drama class' production of  The Wizard of Oz in 1971?
What a great time we had doing children's theater
for the 4 elementary schools in our sending district! 

This is the van before it was painted with Oz

1956 Chevy

A '49 or '50 customized Mercury

a '49 or'50 customized Ford

This 1938 Desoto sedan is Teddy's favorite!

"It's not easy being green."

a rare 1961 Ford Starliner

My favorite

A lovely view of gardens, gazebo, golf course,
and Adirondack Mountains!
I strolled around the grounds before the cars arrived
for the show, admiring each and every plant.

1957 Edsel

Lots of fun, reliving the "good old days", seeing the old cars,
(and us old people, who were young in the fifties!)   ;)
 Listening to the musical sounds of the fifties.  The fifties were a very special time in history, full of promise and economic growth.   In the post-war era,  lots of new designs  and  new convenient products for the home became available.  Americans were hopeful- and things were looking up!
Let's pray that we can rekindle that spirit!  Hope you enjoyed my little adventure.

Love, Linda

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Doll in the Looking Glass said...

Linda, what a delightful setting for a vintage car show. My favorite photo is the 37-38 purple Hudson. All that grillwork makes a charming "face" on the front of the car.

Visiting from You're Gonna Love It Tuesday.

Lisa @ Grandmas Briefs said...

What fun! I have to agree with Teddy: That DeSoto is awesome.

Love the Wizard of Oz highlights. I bet you made an awesome Dorothy! I'm trying once again this year to get poppies to grow in my back yard, an obsession I've had since years and years and years ago seeing the lovely field Dorothy fell asleep in. :D

Thank you for linking up to the GRAND Social!

Protector of Vintage said...

I enjoyed viewing all the beautiful cars! What fun.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

What a fun event! I would have enjoyed attending. Love the old cars and of course the gardens.

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Not much for cars, though my first car was a 65 Mustang, but the gardens were beautiful - it looks like you had a really nice day. The first plant looks like a hydrangea - not the mophead type, I can't remember what the other type is called. The second plant I know is Lady's Mantle - I used to grow lots of it - the rainwater beads up and looks like jewels.

Debbiedoo's said...

Very cool vintage cars~My younger boy would love this. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

debra said...

Enjoyed all the pics! Love both old cars AND gardens...:)

Jeanne said...

What a nice stroll through this event! I felt like I'd been there!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

My hubby has always enjoyed vintage cars from the 50s through the 70s. He's a "hot rod" kinda guy. I happen to prefer the 20s through the 40s. I'm more the classic type. ;)

Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope you'll join the fun this week.

Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage