Saturday, September 9, 2017

Back to School

and crazy, way too-early mornings, rushing around to get down to the bus stop.
7 am, a little too early for these little guys, and he has over an hour-long ride to the schoolhouse!
Eager beaver!
Smiling, excited about first day of 2nd grade!

Of course,  little sister has to go to the bus stop too!

First day, so exciting!  Whole family affair- snapping lots of photos,
frantic posting on facebook!  So excited!
Grandma Linda had to be there too!

And he's off!
Oh dear God,  Will he be okay, did he go potty, did I remember everything,
should I have given him allergy medicine???  I forgot to pray with him before he left,
 will he be scared, will he be confident, will the other kids be nice to him?
He's so little, but so grown-up. He'll be fine, he's so happy to be going back to school, to see his friends again, and make new ones.  He'll be home before we know it, with stories to tell!

Second day- Grandma takes him, didn't wake little sister,
and she'll be mad when I get back.
He woke up and got ready all by himself .  no fanfare, no entourage, just me and Tommy at the bus stop, and I remembered to pray with him, with my hand on his head!

We have a little litany, that I made up a couple years ago,
Tommy grinned as I began to recite it,
and then he rolled his eyes.

"Pitch black!
Middle of  the night,
  freezing our buns off,
cold as can be,
 so early, 
the sun's not even up.
winds blowin'
 leaves fallin,
 we're here, all ready
but where's that silly schoolbus?"
(Add lyrics-snow, sleet, rain, fog, accordingly)

Wait a half hour, then the big yellow bus comes around the corner-

And then suddenly, they're gone,
 and you pray,
Dear God, please keep that child safe
 and help him be good and help him learn.
Forgive me my impatience as we scramble to find everything,
struggle to get everything done.
Help me to create a calmer atmosphere tomorrow.
Remind me to be grateful for the calamity of hectic mornings at home
 with these precious little ones.
And Lord,  please don't let him grow up so fast!
Sissy couldn't sleep at nap-time, because she was afraid
she'd  miss going to get her brother at the bus stop.
 Back to school,
I'm  kinda sad summer is ending, and there are so many things
I  had wanted to do with the kids. (sigh)

Ah well, we've got homework,  and I want to hear all about his day!

Sure are ready for bedtime at 8:00!  I mean, I was!
 God bless school teachers and schoolbus drivers!-
 (  be sure to add that on to your bedtime prayers tonight, with the God-blesses!)

Happy Back-to-School Days!
 Love, Linda

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