Friday, August 4, 2017

In Loving Memory of My Son

  Gary Wayne Young Jr. - April 23, 1973 - August 4, 2015

Forever in our hearts

       If I could only speak to Gary today, I'd tell him how much I love him, and how much it still hurts to lose him.  I miss him so.
 I'm thankful for my memories. I appreciate the love I feel from everyone who loved him.  It's a big comfort when you mention him, it honors him.. I wish he'd known how much we loved him.
       I'm so grateful for the peace God has given me, for I know Gary is with Jesus, made whole again, and enjoying a happy eternal life.  It's important for me to focus on that assurance, or I couldn't accept his death.
Gary is safe

                             My heart breaks for his children, who lost their dad too soon.
I want Amber to know- Daddy loved you more than anything!
 A part of him lives on and is with us all the time, and one day
 we can be with him again.

I want my grandson Gary to know that Daddy loved you
so much and was so very proud of you.
 He did the best he could for you, and wished he could do more.
He had high hopes for you, knew you would do great things with your life ,
Had enormous respect for you,  knew how smart and resourceful you are.
 I am sorry for my daughters, who dearly loved their brother and miss him so.
 Please know you were wonderful sisters and he dearly loved you. 
 He simply adored you, and he looked up to you so much!

 I feel sad for his wife, his father, his grandmothers, his aunts, his cousins
 and all who loved him. I ask God  to give you the same peace He has given me,
 that passes all understanding.  And a "knowing", that we'll see him again one day.
 Please never hesitate to speak of Gary, I want to keep his memory alive. 
It's okay now.  No  more struggles, no more pain or suffering.
He is where he belongs, he is home.

Love, Linda

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