Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Letter to my Teenaged Granddaughter

Dear Granddaughter,

I know you think I am old and I don't understand how it is today.
I know you think you're all grown up, and you can take care of yourself.
I know you believe your aunt and I are  " talking trash on you",
  when we mention your mistakes and dangerous activities,
   but we're not.  We are very concerned and looking for advice and reassurance
  from each other about you. We always determine that in the end,you will be okay.
 Grandmothers and aunties, like mothers, are worried about you sometimes
when we see you making poor choices, or getting hurt.
We know more about life because we've been around longer,
 but we don't think we are smarter,  or better than you.

I believe in you, I want the best for you, I'll do anything I can for you.
I hope you'll trust me when you need someone to talk to. Any time, about anything.
I pray for you, and I know God loves you and will always help you if you ask Him.

I wish you still found me fun and interesting, like you did when you were small.
I wish you would call me once in a while, just for a brief conversation.
 I don't want to take up all your time.  I really don't want to dominate your thoughts,
 I realize you are busy with school and work and your social life.
 I want you to have fun on your free time.
 You are only young and free for a short time before the obligations
of jobs,  marriage and family take over your life.

 Take your time and don't rush into a marriage or relationship until you're really
 ready for a commitment, because you'll never be freer than you are now.
You can never get time back, but marriage and raising children will be much better
when you are mature and balanced.
 It is wise to get your education done first, it's so much  harder to do that
when you have other people to consider besides yourself.

  Most importantly, please don't ignore God.  It is impossible to get through
 all the hard times without faith, and with God all things are possible!
 You can do all things through Christ who will give you strength.
 He is always with you, He will never leave you.

 I have a lot more ideas, but I will only share them if you are interested.
I don't care to run your life, I am busy enough trying to run mine!

 I love you so much.
 Being your grandmother is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Love, Grandma Linda 

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