Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It's my 6th Blog anniversary!

and I haven't posted for a while because no one is reading it or letting me know if they did.
 Six years ago, I started blogging on my mother's birthday, with baby Tommy on my lap,  I had recently become a grandmother and was learning to use the internet.   I was following blogs about home decor,  and grandparenting. I thought I'd like to blog too.   I wanted to start an online business with  Etsy, which I did a year later.    I wanted to share my faith, promote my business and talk about things that matter to families and home.  A lot has happened since then.

 Today I went to my breast surgeon.  It's almost two years since my surgery.  She said I looked great and I am healing, and there seem to be no signs of recurrence.  This is fantastic news!  I'm sticking around folks!  God has plans for me! There's things to do, messes to clean up, work to be done, much to accomplish, much to learn!

  It is my mother's 86th birthday too!  She's had a tough past year, with several hospital stays and extended rehab center visits.  But she is doing well and looks great!  Party time this Sunday!  Can't wait to see all my family.
My mother and my little grandkids, Tommy and Emilie

   I have become so sentimental.  Cancer and  the loss of my son,  has made me an old softee!
   I walk around talking to God,    Thanking Him, because  He gave me so much.
   Thank you Lord for my family!
  Thank you for healing me, for keeping me alive!
I am so grateful for each day,  and value every moment with my loves-my grandkids, my kids, my sisters and brothers, my parents, nieces and nephews, my step-children and grandchildren, (who I love like my own),  and my dear  friends . Thank you for the new nieces and nephews and baby grand nephews and grandnieces, the boyfriends and husbands in this ever-growing family!
   The "God Bless list " is getting longer all the time when I pray with Tommy,
  while I'm tucking him in.
  I don't take anything for granted, since I survived breast cancer. I treasure each day I live.
  I have a huge family,  and so many to love!
I know I am blessed beyond  what I could ever deserve.
 Thank you Lord for my many blessings!

Thank you, especially today, on her birthday- for my mother!
Thank you for my closeness to her, her unfailing love and devotion,
her example of undaunting faith.
 As she ages, help me be patient and gentle with her, Slowing down, not always hearing well,
and limping in pain-  the reality of getting older is very frustrating to her and us.
 Lord, help me treasure her and learn all I can while I still have her.
 I  realize many of my friends have already lost their parents!

  So, I don't have any recipes today, or a pretty house to show you.

  Just plain and simple, my message to you is love your family and God.
 God gave you your family. He will help all of you through this crazy life
 in this mixed up world, He'll help you with your family problems.
He'll heal all the hurts, give you all the grace you need to truly love people,
 even when you think you can't.
 He helps you forgive the wrongs they do to you, when you feel you can't.
 He heals your broken heart, gives you strength to stand up again
when you lose one you love, and you think you can't go on without them.

    From Him comes courage and strength to try again when you fail each other.
  He always gives you another chance, forgives all.
It's amazing  grace and unconditional love, that He gives us because He's our Father.
   I'm the big sister. I have to make sure my family gets this.
 It's about time I start sharing this. We never know when we might lose our life,
 run out of chances. I learned that lesson for sure!

 Find God and ask Him into your life, because you can't make it without Him,
Everything else will fall into place if you just trust Him.   He loves you,
 and wants you to love Him. He is the only one that can satisfy your longings,
give you peace, and eternal life.
 I hope you'll accept this simple truth, because it's the best thing I could ever
 share with you, and I know it's true.
 My mother taught me this, and  I wanted to make sure you heard it from me!
 The first Bible verse she taught me is John 3:16

Jesus Loves Me was the first  Sunday School song I remember singing.
My mother always tells me,
"You have to be sure your children are saved,  that they know the Lord"

Find hope in Jesus!

How could I sit here and blog away without telling you the only things that matter?

Happy Birthday Mother!
       I told them!

Love, Linda 


Vee said...

Happy Blogiversary! Six years of keeping a blog going is no small feat. Often, I am guilty of reading here without comment because I receive your blog postings to my email inbox. Though I blog and comment without obligation, it is good to comment with an encouraging word every now and then. We can pray for our children and weep, but God has no granchildren. Each one must make his or her own decision to follow Christ. I added my prayers to yours today for salvation of family members. I love the grip your mom has on your little grandgirlie! Oh, and praise God for the good news from your doc!

Megs said...

Happy Blog anniversary!
Keep writing on!