Friday, October 21, 2016

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

   Every month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month for me.
So, I put on my pink bracelets,  wear my pink hats, and clothes.
I feel like I want to go to a conference and get revved up, meet some other women, who've been through breast cancer.  Now that I'm done treatment, my hair's grown back, side effects are improved  and my life is "back to normal", (sort of),   Although I frequent the doctor's offices, and there are no signs of recurrence  I'm feeling very emotional, sensitive and a little lost, off center. I know that these feelings are typical. It's been a pretty traumatic couple of years.
 I am learning to go on, move on.  I will not live in fear, but look for joy instead.

   Got out my pumpkins, and fall wreaths, Put up decorations outside, pulled out some spent plants, put away some spring and summer ornaments and decor, getting ready for fall.  Enjoying the cooler temps, this was a long hot summer. I'm pushing myself, to embrace the changing seasons, life goes on, the cycle of life is constant,  and changes are not always bad.

    Had a great end of summer  Lead East, a huge 50's event, lots of fun.
 Loved the music, fifties outfits, beautiful and rare,unusual cars.
 I saw lots of old friends and made some new ones.
They don't know how much it meant to me, to make those connections and memories.

50's Amphicar, very reare
Me and my sweet friend Flo
 A darling lady who grew up in the fifties, 
and dresses in charming vintage outfits for the event.
Ron and Sally, best dancers at Lead East!  They wear gorgeous matching vintage outfts!
Fabulous old cars! 

Accapella Groups are all over the place and there is Karaoke too.

Me and  Kathy, a fellow vendor at Lead East 2016

My boys!   The Whiptones, a young acapella group from Whippany, NJ
I've been following these boys since they debuted at Lead East a few years ago. 
They were still in high school then, but now are attending college,
 scattered around the country.  Evenso, they all traveled back home for Lead East!  
They just made a new CD, and they sound better than ever!  

The Past Prom Queens, from Lead East
Ladies from 18-88, all dressed up in fifties gowns!  
 Ah, we were lost in the 50's and then back to reality- crazy times we're in now!
But we had one last summer fling at Wildwood, and it was the first time I got to the shore this season.
My big family had some bridal showers, and a wedding, now another one coming up. It's so nice to see the young people getting married. Two of my nephews got married, so now I have two more lovely new nieces to love.   My little granddaughter was flower girl.  I also have a new baby nephew.
 Life is good, family is everything, and I think I appreciate it all more than ever now.
Isn't Miss Emilie  adorable? 
 That's my  beautiful sister, Beverly,  in the yellow dress, Mother of the Groom

 Hoping my antiques booth will start to pick up.
 I sell vintage, and I have a few antiques and modern collectibles too.
 Summer shoppers were few,  probably because the building had no air conditioning.
 Fall weather is more inviting!  Now we're geting excited for the holidays!
My shop is crammed with a little something for everyone!  It changes constantly.
My booth, B20, at Carnival of Collectables, in my hometown, Sicklerville, N.J. 
 The Antiques and Art Mall is only about 2 years old, and the have  over 100 vendors.  

 I have nice collection of  Little Golden Books and collectible toys and games

  Next, I look  forward to  baking pumpkin pies, pumpkin muffins, and apple delights!
 Then before we know it, we'll be baking Christmas cookies.

Happy Fall Y'all!    
Get your mammograms. 
 And please get out there and vote!  

Love, Linda

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