Friday, July 15, 2016

Making something out of "nothing".

   What can I make for dinner?  There's no food in the freezer, except my homemade bread crumbs.  There's just one egg left.

A-ha, I know!    I got some canned goods from a friends kitchen I cleaned out!
 Hot diggity, there's a can of salmon and some vegetables.
So, I ran out to the garden for some herbs.

I didn't drain the salmon, just mashed it.    I like the "juice"  for moist patties.
I added some chopped onion, fresh parsley and chopped chives.

 Mixed in my last egg., and a cup or so of bread crumbs.
  Preheated  the skillet, added some olive oil.
 Formed patties, browned for several minutes on each side.

While they were browning, I found some leftover peas and warmed them ,
Found a can  of tomatoes and stewed them.
 I  added a can of triple succotash,  1 Tablespoon  of  cornstarch, and a bit of sugar.

 I whipped up some instant mashed potatoes and added some  tangy ranch dressing
and chives to "doctor them up".

Turned into a pretty nice supper after all!
 So,  always keep some canned goods on hand for lean times, 
and get creative with spices and herbs, sauces and condiments.

I learned I can always make something, even though I think there is "nothing."

The trick is to use what you have, instead of running out to the diner 
and spending money that's needed for bills. 
You can make thrifty, tasty meals in minutes
with a little  imagination and stuff from the cupboard.

 Tomorrow night, I have to see what I can dream up with no eggs,  and no canned goods.
Oh that's right, it's Tommy's birthday party and I will eat over my daughter's house!  

See, not to worry!  I will always have enough.
 Doesn't the Good Book say,  not to worry, 
He takes care of the little birdies, surely He will take care of me?. 

 Love, Linda 


Kat Bunker said...

Linda, I love your blogs !! I am in Chicago waiting for the Comfort Dog conference to start tomorrow. Enjoying reading back and forth to various times. They will help me to help Lisa.
Thank you my friend!!

Linda Young said...

Thanks Kat. I get discouraged when no one comments and wonder if I should keep blogging,
but I really want to. I pray God will help me to help Lisa and others enduring tha same things I've been through. I pray I'll know the right words to say,
and I pray for their healing. Love, Linda