Saturday, April 25, 2015


I attended a Breast Cancer Awareness Event and the speakers all impressed me.
 Here's what one had to say.:
 "Stop thinking of your self as a survivor and  instead think of yourself as a thriver" said Dr. Maureen Kling. She spoke to a room of breast cancer survivors and patients, of breast cancer being a wake-up call and a gift.
 She explained, it's a gift of appreciating today. "I've been given it through you", she continued.
Cancer makes you wake up and realize this is not a dress rehearsal. You are given 87,000 seconds a day, a "pot of gold" each morning, that you can't bank, can't save, but must spend today. Either to spend them being miserable or happy.  "So switch from being a survivor of breast cancer to a thriver of life", she challenged.
 She made us think.  Then she gave some advice:
Floss your teeth
Watch your Blood pressure. Cancer won't kill you, but heart disease can. Be heart conscious.
Watch your weight.
 Are you getting a colonoscopy?
 Pay attention to your posture, and have an attitude that goes with it.

 Get over "victim",  "survivor",  You already know what to do.
 Life is hard, and until you accept it, it can't get better.
 Take care of yourself.  You know how, just go do it.!
 Life is all about choices and priorities.

  Then she was done, and took questions about scars,  numbness and moisturizers.
We lunched, did yoga, zumba,  had make-up, chair massages, and learned about nutrition, exercise and more so we can thrive!  A happy time for a bunch of "sisters", ladies all dealing with the same thing, trying to learn how to be well, and move on to greater things.

 Thrive-v. succeed, prosper, flourish, enjoy good health, bloom, batten, burgeon, flower.-
                                                                                                                     Roget's Thesaurus

Thrive- grow vigorously  -Webster's Dictionary
I want to thrive!  I hope you do too!
Love, Linda

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