Friday, May 2, 2014


I'm staying with my  3 yr. old grandson, waiting for the birth of his little sister!
My daughter and her hubby went to the hospital last night and any time now,
 I could receive the much anticipated call,  "It's a girl!!  Everything's fine."
a cut apart Dollar Tree banner and a wreath make the grand announcement.

 Of course, this baby is all I can think about right now.  I love her already.
 I'm  staying busy, I'm pampering Tommy. He wants to bake cupcakes
 for his Mommy and Daddy.
The house is cleaned, diapers are stocked, nursery is ready.
 My daughter Amy and I decorated too!  We'll take a walk, and wait.
I don't know what I would do without "Aunt Amy", always making big brother
 feel special,  and helping entertain him!  Then  standing by me,
as the anticipation grows!

The last picture of very expectant mommy, and her only child.

said Pooh, by  A.A. Milne

Funny, my first grandchild, already 17, is attending the prom tonight.
 It seems like he was  just born yesterday, and his childhood has sped by so quickly, 
So I'm excited about this special night, and my heart is full of pride and motherly
 concern for him!  But, I'm learning to trust in the Lord, instead of worrying.  
Gary, 3 years ago   Now he's driving, working, making plans for college, and  going to his High School Prom!
How fast the years go by! How our hearts feel like they are so full they'll burst, 
and yet when we have someone new come into our lives--- we start all over, 
and our love just grows and grows. 

I'm so thankful for these grandbabies!

Dear God,                                                                    
Please  give me the grace and wisdom to teach them
 your ways, and enough strength, patience, to share my love
and give the proper care to my grandbabies and their families. 
 Please give me enough time to share all the important things
 I must pass on to them, as only a grandma can do.  
In Jesus' name,  Amen

May 3, 2014                                                                                              
             Now, we've gone into the next day. I guess she will be born on the 3rd, 
             not her due date, the 2nd.                                                                   
             I talked to Julie several hours ago. When first admitted they administered                 
             Cervadil,  to induce her and it didn't work.                                                        
             Now some other meds, Pitocin. The midwife said we will have a baby by morning . 
   Then at midnite,   Pitocin was stopped.  Contractions stopped.                                           
             I think she's resting now, and her husband is with her.I must be patient!

morning breaks,    still no baby.
  A long afternoon..........                                                                              

 Some encouraging words-affirmations  
that I said to my daughter before and during labor. 

           Your body knows how to give birth
              You are a good mother

                Your baby knows the true birthday

                  You are a strong woman

 and try meditating on this verse, one of my favorites: 
"Finally brethren,whatever is true, whatever is noble,
 whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent 
or praiseworthy- think about these things."  Phillipians 4:8 

  At last!  
4:30 pm   Just heard,  She's here!  Everything's fine!

Big brother sees his sister for the first time,  on Facebook
 If you want  to know what's going on, the quickest way is social media! 

"Welcome Home",   driveway chalk decoration,
 redone the second time, because it washed away in the rain last night.

Later, 7:30 p.m.,  Tommy, Aunt Amy and I meet Emilie Grace
 at the hospital,  just 3 hrs. old

 8:30   the happy little family.  
  We say goodnight for now, and hope Mommy,Daddy and baby 
come home tomorrow!  
Meanwhile,  I learn that grandson #1, was the Prom Prince last night!                   

Gary and his date, Diana 

May 4    Okay, It rained again and washed away our chalk     
             greeting  "Welcome Home". 
             Twice it happened! 
              But baby can't come home yet, Billirubin's high.
May 5   We're not doing the chalk  again, cause we don't know when  
            they are coming home.    Waiting again, patiently.                                             
May 6, 2014, 5:00 p.m.  They're finally home from the hospital, Thank you Lord! 
            Mother and baby are doing great, big brother is being good and gentle.

Now, we can sleep peacefully,  Until the next feeding, in 2 hrs!
Love,  GrandmaLinda

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