Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Grandparent's Day!

Well, my yard sale was a flop, but the weekend was beautiful!  I made a new friend, enjoyed being out of doors, and soaked up some sun   while savoring some gorgeous  last-of-summer days!  I'm cleaning out our aunt's house, and decided hold a sale when I heard how perfect the weather would be.

Smiling sunflower, I found  in a Photography magazine

Some vintage mid-century  furniture I tried to sell, but not too many people stopped by.

Inside there's  a cute little mid-century dining room set.  It's in great shape.
 Blonde wood in Danish modern style, was popular in the 50's. I listed it on Craigslist.
Our aunt and uncle took care of their things, so they lasted.
 I'm hoping some young couple starting out, or old couple down-sizing will like it.

  I walked around the yard taking pictures, since I was waiting  and hoping for customers.  Rose of Sharon  is growing in the sideyard.

Pokeberry in the back yard border.  I'm thinking of using it to dye some fabrics. Did you ever try that?

 a lovely white  Rose of Sharon  also blooms on the property

 Cute house, their pride and joy, They built it in 1957.  Too bad the nursing home gets it all.  I sure would like to have inherited it.
 I'm in the process of cleaning it out, and painting, so the real estate agency can list it. Makes me sad.

Then I was delighted when a sweet young woman and her granny stopped by.  She was wearing vintage clothing!  And out shopping with her grandma!   I knew I liked her right away!
She purchased a few dresses from me and told me about her blog and her interest in modeling and wearing vintage, so we exchanged blog addresses and now we're friends!

Came home tonight and found the sweetest message from my little darling waiting for me!

Hope you're enjoying your last days of summer too! 

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Kathryn Ross said...

Hi Linda! Blessings to you! I would have come to your yard sale - and that dining room set is lovely! Hope you can find a good hoe for all those vintage treasures. I guess everyone was out enjoying the great weather. Your grandbaby is a cutie, too!! Aren't they wonderful!!
I'm opening my Etsy shop - finally - by the end of the week. Just a few vintage things to start out, but I'll have some trademark handmade goods soon!