Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It is still Christmas at my house!

Now is when I really enjoy Christmas, the rush is over, but there's still visiting to do,  and friends to call.  The grandchildren are home from school and eager to hear about the real meaning of Christmas, as I play with them and they show me all their new things!   I'm still celebrating and my work is done and now  I can sit and enjoy  my decorations,  read my  Christmas cards, and  savor the holiday atmosphere. I have no intention of putting anything away for some time!    It is still Christmas at my house!  A vintagey Christmas, I might say.

teacup byVcagco, Made in Japan,
  and a favorte old book,  A Cup of Christmas Tea by Tom Hegg

 Finally, I can sit down and  leisurely sip a cup of Christmas tea,
  without thinking about a million things that I need to do. .

                                          I like my vintage decorations best.
Some vintage glass ornaments and  paper gnomes are arranged
 in an old bookcase with some old silver.                                     

 A couple fine  Ken Ebert's prints, my very special and treasured old gifts,  from  my sweetheart, who is  also an artist and  car enthusiast,  are hung for the holidays.   An amazing automotive artist, Ebert's work was on the cover of Antique Automobile, the publication of the Antique Automobile Club of America,  for many years.  Many of his pieces depict Victorian homes decked out for the holidays, with the vintage cars.

 Another gorgeous  Ken Ebert's piece featuring a lovely wintry home and antique cars

 My vintage Lefton ceramic children,   I've named them after my grandchildren . These are Grandma's toys!
The children are content to play quietly all day with their new dollies and toys.

These little vintage Napco figures stand in my kitchen windowsill,
while  my favorite carols are still  playing on my old cassettes and CDs.

These beautiful  vintage  Coke ads hang in my kitchen.
I just popped the whole magazines in some old frames.
 I love my old Santa Coca-Cola ads hanging  in my kitchen. The artist was  Haddon Sunblom, who used Clement C. Moore's Santa from"Twas the Night Before Christmas" for inspiration.  He often used himself for a model, and for the children he used a neighbor's little daughters, changing one to a boy.  He painted for the Coca-Cola Company from 1931-1964, creating the modern day image of Santa that we mostly see today.

  Vintage glass ornaments are so pleasing to me, and usually get hung
 in a small window, with ribbons, instead of  on my tree.

My holiday gift orders were successfully delivered
 and thankfully my customers are happy. (sighing!)
I truly enjoyed my Etsy shop this year and I am grateful to some really special post office  employees in my town.  They are super friendly and efficient and  made all  my shipments go smoothly. 

I love the illustrations from the  vintage Little Golden Books!
 I remember them fondly from my childhood. 
"Frosty the Snowman", and  "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
  were two recent sales items from my Etsy shop.

And this darling little reindeer head planter also went to a new collector.

Thank you to my Etsy customers!
 I wish you the happiest holiday season and a blessed New Year.
 It has been such a pleasure, sharing  unique little "pieces of the past"
 with you in my online shop, and I look forward to bringing you
 many more unusual and special  treasures in 2013.

Hoping you too, are still celebrating Christmas!
Love, Peace and Joy!

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Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Hi Linda,
I have a few friends that enjoy Christmas through January. You have some lovely vintage treasures and I would not be in a hurry to put them away, either.
I love those sweet Lefton children! I saw a little reindeer teapot, like your planter, on eBay and it sold for $89.00!
♥ Jil

victoriantailor said...

I like your attitude about after Christmas, I always feel rushed to get everything put away and back to normal, but you are right, it is a great time to enjoy, so guess I won't worry about all the other decorations I need to put away and have the grandchildren over!!! Your vintage is wonderful!

My Vintage Life said...

It's all so pretty! Hope this finds that you are having a wonderful new year as well!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Your vintage decorations are gorgeous!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Linda, You have a wonderful collection and so special to enjoy it all after Christmas when the rush is over. Love your collectible ornaments and every detail. So enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Linda Young said...

Hi Jil! Thank you! I just sold some Lefton Candy Cane Pixies, and I wish I still had them. Oh, well, maybe I'll find more. Do love my old stuff, haven't bought a single thing new this year! I appreciate your sweet comments!
Love, Linda

Linda Young said...

Thank you! I am coming to visit your blog and I wish you the best New Year too! Love, Linda

Linda Young said...

Thank you! I feel like my place is so old-fashioned, but I like my old things. Hugs right back! Linda

Linda Young said...

Thank you, Celestina, So nice to "meet" you! Glad you enjoyed my old things! Love, Linda

Linda Young said...

Thank you! I wish Christmas was all year! I guess sooner or later I will have to put stuff away though, and bring out the Valentine things, then spring decor.
Just want a little more Christmas! Love, Linda