Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decorating for Christmas! (I'm Next!)

    Thanksgiving was easy on me this year.  My daughter-in-law  made most of the dinner and I had an easy assigment to bring a green vegetable and an extra dessert.  I made the oldie-but-goodie, green bean casserole.  It was so popular, and easy, I'll probably make it again at Christmas!

French's Green Bean Casserole
Thaw 2  9 oz. pkgs frozen green beans, Stir in 3/4 cup milk, 1 can mushroom soup and 3/4 cup of fried onions. Bake at 350, in a greased
 1  1/2 qt. dish until bubbly.  Top with remaining onions, bake 5 minutes more,  until golden.

Everyone loves it!  It was all gone! 
You can also make it with brocolli and try different cream soups.

I got to take home the turkey carcass and had a couple meals off of it, and  I made turkey noodle soup!   Can you believe that some people throw away the turkey after they've carved the Thanksgiving Day platter-full?

French"s Green Bean Casserole
I came home to a really cold  house, though,  and had to call a heating repairman on Friday.
But it turned out to be a real blessing!  The technician  and I got talking and he invited me to his church.  The preacher is an old friend from the camp where I worked as a teenager. I saw him on a placemat at the local diner!  I knew I wanted to visit, but being new to the neighborhood,  I  needed that little nudge, so I went and I loved it!  The preaching was great, and the music wonderful!  So, now I've found a new church where I feel right at home!  God works in mysterious ways.  So don't hesitate to share and invite, because a newcomer may need that warm welcome.
   Oh,  and the heater wasn't broken, I had left a circuit breaker off!  I felt pretty silly!  But I was so  relieved that I didn't have a big problem with the heater!

 But , since I was  stuck at home, waiting for the service call,  I decided  to paint an old 40"s cupboard that I rescued from a basement I recently cleaned out.
First, I thoroughly cleaned it  to remove dirt, dust and grime.   After it was dry, I lightly sanded it and scraped any loose paint.  I brushed Kilz's II primer on a couple bare spots.

Bare spots had to be primed-  I used Kilz II
Painted              -        Unpainted

  See how much difference a coat of paint makes on the first half I did? 
 I continued brushing two light coats, so there would be no runs, of Behr Flat Enamel.   I painted the sides, bottoms, and insides of all the drawers and shelves, in case I use it for a display piece in a shop some day, with the drawers hanging out open.  I kept it original, left the back as it was,  bright red. That's how most of the ones I saw were, when I went antiquing in the south.  
   These same  repainted  kitchen cupboards were selling for $179- $185  in antiques shops in North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland.

 Here are three similar cabinets, I saw on my recent trip.

Displaying vintage wares and antiques.

   and here's one in another antiques co-op.

and another, chock full of antiques in North Carolina.
Now I've got mine all put together.  Isn't it cute?
  It gives me lots of storage and goes with my old vintage kitchen things. 

My "new" cabinet

Love the black-painted border  trim on the glass!

 My  other old cabinet

This is my other cabinet, across the room.  They flank the big window.
Soon they will be decorated for Christmas.

  All I have so far is a blooming Christmas Cactus, and my Christmas teacup
 and storybook, A Cup Of Christmas Tea.
  I  have been  busy putting up decorations for my clients, so mine aren't done yet.

 Doris is happy, her tree's up!
  One of Doris's treasures, a gift from a beloved family member.
 Isn't this cute? 
 Since I'm a painter,  I'll have to make  me one of these,
 with one of my ole brushes!

Doris's Thomas Kinkade Nativity Set
    Then, I  also got the outdoor decorations up at this house
 last week, where I recently painted all the exterior trim.
(Putting up the decorations was lots more fun!)
And indoors...... I got out Sandee's very special nativity set!
A present from her granddaughter, 
carved of olive wood from Jerusalem.
    Remember to offer help to your elderly neighbors.
   It's very difficult for them  to  get out, and put up all their decorations.
   But it brings them so much joy, and seeing their old things brings
    back so many memories, keeps traditions alive!
   I am blessed to have  a job where I help people.
   It pleases them to have their homes all ready for the holidays,
   and I love doing this!  Now, I'll get mine done!

 Have fun with your family and friends in your holiday preparations!
Love, Linda

This week I've joined in the Etsy Cottage Style Market Monday, Holiday Edition! 

and at Kathe's party too!

 and these cool parties too!

  Lots of vintage goodness here!


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Love that vintage cabinet... my daughter has one that is very similar. I'm crazy about the red interior.. charming.

Thanks for your prayers for my friend... so precious to me.

So happy that you found a great church... I believe I just found one that's great for me too.

Merry Christmas!


Laurie Ritchey said...

I love your cabinet! It's always great to have a piece of furniture that not only looks pretty, but adds storage. My family thinks we haven't had a holiday if we don't have green bean cass. How wonderful that you've found a new church that is such a good fit for you. God does work in mysterious ways. Maybe the breaker mistake was God's plan. Thank you so much for your prayers for my new little grandbaby and our family. laurie

thistlewoodfarm said...

Thanks so much for sharing the Green Bean Casserole! It looks easy and fun! The perfect combination for me! Thank you so much for linking it up!

Have a blessed and merry Christmas!