Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Safe and Peaceful!

Good Grief!  I just returned from a somewhat relaxing business trip to the genteel, mild-weathered South in time for  the Northeast's  frightening Frankenstorm!
Hurricane Sandy, sounded very scary! 
  First I took down and stowed all my outdoor decorations and brought
in my plants and trash cans. Then I went straightaway to my daughter's
 house to  stay with Tommy and wait out the storm.  It was pretty scary
 last night, but I stayed calm, because of these  words, God's words,
  my blogger  friend Kathy gave me.                                                     
   Such comfort is ours,  if we only trust Him! 

Visit Kathy's blog,
 and read more inspiring thoughts. and good news.

   Thank God, my family and I  were safe from harm, but many not too far away lost loved ones and had homes and businesses destroyed.  We must pray for the many who are grieving and dealing with the devastation and grueling clean-up efforts over the next few weeks and months. We are grateful for those who served to rescue and save others, and  those who will work to restore  the utilities and roads, and rebuild.

The news today was full of heartbreaking stories of Hurricane Sandy's devastation. 
Our famous Atlantic City, and other  beloved seashore resorts and communities are hit bad!

    So blessed to  simply spend the day with my grandchild , who is eager to play outside once again.

Rain, rain, go away... Little Tommy wants to play!

Oh, and I like the 4th verse too!
  "Always be full of joy in the Lord, ........"

Just happy tonight to be safe and peaceful.   I can tell you about my trip later.

Love, Linda 


Kathryn Ross said...

Thanks for the links, Linda! Yes - quite a week we've had here in our next of the woods. It was delightful to see you this morning, though - and meet your little "Tigger"! Have my white village backdrop up and won't they be the thing for my holiday decor, too! Linked to you with my show post today at:

Joy to you!

Linda Young said...

Thank you! Love your post! The antiques show is fun and always a pleasure to see my special friends!