Thursday, September 20, 2012

One Last Summer Fling!

I don't like to see summer end yet.  I  want to enjoy one more fling before I start dragging out all the fall decorations and baking apple and pumpkin goodness.  This weekend, I am going "down the shore" for a car show. 
One more time this summer, I want to hear the endless waves crashing,
 dip my toes in the foamy surf, feel the cooling seabreeze.
I  love to watch the gulls and sand pipers

Wildwoods, New Jersey has the biggest beaches and a lively boardwalk, 38 blocks long,
 with all sorts of amusements on it's piers, a huge convention center hosting various events
 and top performers, many restaurants and  pizza joints,, frozen custard stands,  boutiques
 and  novelty shops!

Today was Preview Day,
for the Classic Car Auction
and set-up day for the vendors.  I'll give you a sneak preview!
"Old Blue Eyes" car is in the auction room

Here's a  red bug, just like my very  first car, a VW Beetle!

 Isn't  this Metropolitan the cutest car you ever saw?

 Here's a real beauty!, and there are about a hundred more in this room.
 On the boardwalk tomorrow will be hundreds of  fabulous classic cars lined up
 and families strolling along.
 The Irish Festival is this weekend too, so we'll see lots of "wearin' o' the green".

 I'll see lots of old friends and fellow vendors as I sell car magazines
in the Convention Center lobby.

 The beach at dusk, sun is setting behind me over the bay.

  Sunset, standing in the ocean's edge,with my back to the ocean, facing towards the bay.

Be sure to enjoy these glorious days and cooler evenings and the amazing sunsets!

  At home, the other night my neighbor came out onto her porch to watch the
spectacular evening sky and sunset with me.  Very special moments.
 Savor the last sunset moments  of your  fleeting summer! 
Love, Linda 


Rhonda said...

looks like a perfect way to close down summer
beautiful pictures, hope you have a great trip

debra said...

Love all these pictures and hard to pick a favorite between the beautiful beach ones versus those cars! :)

Grandma Kc said...

Great pictures! The beaches and seashores are certainly different than those of southern California! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa@GrandmasBriefs said...

Looks to have been an incredible way to end the season. Great photos. Cheers to the end of summer and the emerging of fall. Enjoy!

Connie said...

Very nice post and great pictures, I can feel the nostalgia! It's really nice to be able to experience this last summer fling with you. Thanks for linking with me :)

Kim said...

As much as I miss the Fall season, I do miss the relaxing atmosphere that Summer brings around here. No schedules, no homework, no waking up early......sigh.
Missing my Jersey Shore, but looking forward to some Pumpkin Nut Bread!!

Carry Bacot said...

The sight of the beach and of those classic cars is equally refreshing. The only difference is a car show isn’t there every day like the sea. Really, your first car was a VW Red Beetle? I love that car in that particular color! It’s small, but it delivers a striking statement in red. ^.^

Erwin Calverley said...

Whoa, those are vintage cars at their finest! The Nash Metropolitan does look really cute there! I think it’s mostly because of the white-and-green combination! There’s just something so distinct and classical about it. Classic cars like that deserve respect and appreciation. :)