Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to the Fifties

Imagine going back to  a time of peace, prosperity, and an explosion of new
 designs in fashion, architecture,  and automobiles.  Rock and roll's debut.
 This is what we did at the 30th Lead East,
The  world's  largest  50's Party,
 in Parsippany, N.J., on Labor Day weekend.

 A new group of nice kids singing acapella. Look for them on facebook,
The Whiptones, from Whippany, N.J.

Two ladies, coincidentally dressed alike in 50's-style dresses

I bought a Walking Taco from an outdoor vendor, for $4.
  All she did was crush an individual bag of chips and open it,
 then put a spoonful of ground meat taco filling, shredded cheese,
 shredded lettuce, dollop of sour cream, chopped tomato
and jalapeno slices right in the bag.  There are lots of recipes online.
  I walked around, eating it with a plastic fork, looking  at all the cars.
 First time I ever heard of them!   It was really good! 
There are lots of recipes online.
Wouldn't it be fun to make  these for a kid's party?

In the booth next to me, it was so exciting to watch Bob Petillo work on his amazing reflections.  His  photorealistic paintings of cars are exquisite.  During the show, he presented a custom-made car portrait to a man for his 65th birthday, a surprise gift commissioned by his wife!
 Click on the artist and see his work!

Youngsters had their own bobbie-soxers and greasers
 dress-up contest, and danced to the oldies.

Tiffany sells vintage clothing and  fifties decor items.

 My friend, Kat, wears 50's style clothing and is one classy lady!
She's a long-time attendee of Lead East, and started a seminar years ago,
 teaching us about 50's fashions and accessories, and how to get "the look".

Charming Jenna, and her date, attending the Lead East Prom.
She  teaches a seminar  about dressing 50's style.
  Plenty of spontaneous Doo-wop singing, and great concerts on stage as well. 
"A  magic weekend  celebrating the best decade
 in  American history",
well said by Terry Cook, the car show's promoter. 
 It was like one big family reunion, full of music and memories!
You gotta come next year!
This is more than a car show, and although I worked very hard,
 selling car literature, it was so much fun, going back to the Fifties!
I'll leave you with a listen to the fine young acapella  singers I met at  Lead East.,
The Whiptones
Love, Linda
I  joined these great partties!


BECKY said...

How fun! And like you said even though you worked hard, it was worth it! I love the 50s, too! Great looking cars, too! :)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

What fun! I love seeing those old cars. That blue one is a stunner!

Linda said...

What a grand time. It's always fun looking at beautiful restored cars. What a treat! Love the walking taco. My Mom used to make us tacos with fritos. I am also your newest follower. I do hope you stop by to visit and follow along. Linda

Kathe said...

I used to make my sons "straw hats" taco fixings over fritos! One of their favorites! How fun this event looks for everyone! I wish we had something like that here cuz I'd so be there! Thanks for sharing this at the party this week Linda! I love link ups like this, sharing life where you live!