Saturday, August 25, 2012

Allie's turn!

Charming!   If I had only one word to describe her, this would be it.
 She is the most loving child and so imaginative, and fun. 

She keeps us laughing with her "Allie-isms", as her mother calls them. 

When she was five, she told me some astonishing fact, and when I asked her how she knew it, she simply replied, "Everyone knows I'm the smartest kid in the world, Grandma Linda!"
A year ago, she informed me that she's not the same girly-girl princess-style little girl any more, "now I'm more into artistic clothes and cool stuff".  She is just funny and lighthearted,  and makes everyone smile!

She loves decorating, designing and she's so creative. Recently she made her own jewelry organizer, from a discarded  doll-house part she found in the basement.  She sews with her other grandma and made an outfit and modeled it  in the 4-H Fashion Show this year.  She's busy now making back-to-school notebooks, embellished with the latest  wild and crazy duct-tapes!

She got an I Phone, and here's the latest Instagram photo she posted!.
"I'm sexy and I know it!"

Now it's her day to shine, she's turning 12!
Happy Birthday, Allie!
 You are such a delight to all who know you
 and an inspiration to me!

Clearly, her parents are doing a marvelous job!

I thought I'd share this creed.  I had it posted in my
kid's rooms when they were little,  it's timeless,
 and good for Grandma Linda  to read again and practice!

Children Learn What They Live
If children live with....
....criticism, they learn to condemn.
....hostility, they learn to fight
....ridicule, they learn to be shy
....shame, they learn to feel guilty
....tolerance, they learn to be patient
....encouragement, they learn confidence
....praise, they learn to appreciate
....fairness, they learn justice, they learn to have faith
....approval, they learn to like themselves
....acceptance and friendship,
     they learn to find love in the world.
                                          Dorothy L. Nolte

 We are so thankful for this delightful child God has blessed us with!  And I'm
 so lovin' all the grandkid's birthday celebrations we've been having lately!

Hope you're enjoying making special
memories with your families!
Love, Linda

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debra said...

I cracked up at the smartest kid statement! :) Well not only is she funny and creative she is pretty as can be..adorable! :)

Grandma Kc said...

Hi Linda! Just stopping by from Say it Saturday. Allie is such a little doll with a wonderful smile! Thanks for sharing her with all of us.

I really love the poem you posted and think I may need to pin it on the fridge. Not only is it a good reminder of how to treat your children -- it applies to how to treat most people.

Sally Kabak said...

Pretty girl hope she had a wonderful birthday.

Connie said...

Happy Birthday Allie! 12 is a very special age to be :) Love that creed, it's so true. I'm glad you shared it with us. Thanks for linking up with me at Say It Saturday, we all loved having you.