Saturday, July 7, 2012

After the storm..........

    We had quite a mess here in parts of South Jersey last week.  Trees came down on homes and cars, blocked streets and knocked out power for days.  I was really fortunate, my building had no damage and a dead tree that I wanted removed came down, near the curb, hurting nothing. It was a weird storm, called a "derecho", the most lightening I ever saw in a series of furious thunderstorms, and strong winds, in the middle of the night.  Next morning , everything looked fine  at my house, but  just 20 miles away, we found  shocking devastation.
Uh Oh, The road in front of my warehouse is blocked!
Trees are fallen everywhere!

This huge tree toppled and lifted the sidewalk. 
Some neighborhood boys were playing in the rubble
    Today,   I'm reflecting on how kind people were to each other, sharing  cool shelter, water and food and concern.  It was extremely hot this week and many lost food to spoilage.
    I am thinking about how blessed I am not to have expensive repairs to make.  I'm feeling grateful that I and my loved ones are unharmed.  I'm wondering how to be better prepared in case of future disasters.  I'm appreciating the workers that labored in extreme 100 +  weather with little sleep,  to put things back in order.   I'm appreciating  the emergency personnel that served many extra hours in this intense heat.
A Barred Plymouth Rock hen
My friend's chicken coop had some minor damage, and they were
cleaning up branches that had fallen,  but the birds were fine an
 she gave me some beautiful brown eggs.  We've had egg salad,
omelettes, French Toast, deviled eggs, and more!
  I love Mary's farm-fresh eggs!  They are the best- tasting eggs ever!

White leghorn,  and a couple hens

    I  feel  very thankful on this Sunday morning,   as  I'm humming,
"I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses", 
leisurely watering  my flowers, thinking  about things.
 The simple things: my family....dear friends.... my  health and safety,
 my humble air-conditioned mobile home.......  Running water,....
  clean clothes to wear,..... fresh eggs for breakfast,.... my herbs and
 flowers,  things like that!

I knew it was going to be scorching last week,
so I filled up the wading pool in the shade on the patio each day.

Tommy got a new swing set!   His new favorite thing-to-do! 
What joy to play with him, hear him laugh, sing little songs.
 (and now I can bribe him to finish his breakfast,
put on his shoes, whatever I ask, 
so he can go outside on the swings!!)

        Dear Lord, 
                 Please don't let me forget to thank you for everyday blessings. 
 It shouldn't take a crisis for me to remember how much I have to be
 thankful for.     Thank you for keeping me  and my family safe, and for
 showing me again how to appreciate the simple things in life.   Amen

A little boy down at the pond we visit, tried to sell me this baby turtle for $8.00.
They learn early, don't they?

Oh, this was funny!  The hammock was broken, dry-rotted in a couple places,
but Tommy and I liked to rock on it anyway.  Then, all of a sudden,
we were singing,  "Rock - a -bye baby"   and  it totally broke loose
 and we landed on the ground!
 Tommy just giggled and giggled and we just layed there laughing!

 Oh, I  finally figured out how to get the wrong time  and date off of my camera!  Isn't that great!
Silly me!
   Be blessed,  Linda


Linda O'Connell said...

Hi Linda, natural disasters are so unpredicatble. I live in MO where we had two F5 tornadoes which destroyed towns. In times of crises, the good really does come out in people. Everyone pitches in. Stop by my blog if you have time

Sue said...

We got hit with this same storm, I think. Our backyard was littered with leaves and branches. What a mess and we had a party scheduled for that night! Yikes.... No big branches, fortunately. We just cleared what we could and went on with our dinner party, none the less. You and I were both lucky, I guess. The communities north of us got hid really hard. Trees uprooted, just like up the road from you. Nature can be devastating! We finally got some rain this AM. It is so dry here in OH, so I was glad to have a gentle rain then a storm. It will help immensely. :-) Sue

Linda Young said...

We're doing a rain-dance here too! But I hope we don't get those winds again! I used to come out to Ohio to Cincinnati and Springfield, to see our friends and attend car shows. I like it out there. Your weather is about the same as ours- Hot!
Thanks for visiting!
Blessings! Linda