Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring - "New Life and Beauty"

 The  brightly blooming border along the back yard is such a surprise at my new home!
 When I moved in, last summer,  I couldn't tell it was Forsythia!
 I just  had  to bring some inside today.  It's like sunshine!
 Isn't  it pretty with my vintage dresser scarf?
  I'm using the scarf as a table runner on my kitchen table with my red dishes.

Spring is Nature's way of saying
"let's party!"   ---Robin Williams

The Common Violet ( Viola sororia)

 Our State Flower, the common violet is blooming now like crazy here in New Jersey!
Violet, a low-growing and practical groundcover, was originally designated as our state flower in 1918, but it didn'y become official until 1971, at  the  N.J. Garden Club's insistence.  It has many medicinal uses, and all the superstitions about it are very positive, bringing love and good luck. You can make violet water by steeping until fragrant, then use water in tea or to make ice cubes.  Violets can be used as garnishes on punch, salad, or chilled soup.  The pretty flowers can be candied, and used to decorate cakes, and pastries!

 To make candied violets 
Brush flowers with beaten egg white, coating thoroughly.
Make some super fine sugar,
by blending granulated sugar in food processor. 
Holding by the stem,carefully pour spoonfuls of sugar
 over flower,  then place on wax paper to dry.
Use stiffened flowers to decorate as you wish!


 "Be like flowers, turn your face to the sun!"

   I was delighted when today's client asked,
 "would you mind working in the garden  a little bit for me today?"
   In the previous fall seasons, I have planted hundreds of bulbs on this property,
 and it's so cool to see how they grow!  She's a dear woman who shares the love of
 flowers and herbs with me,  but she can no longer get down on the ground to plant
 them.  We've put in lots of perennials, so she will have lots of easy- care blooms
 throughout the growing season, and we have many potted plants on her deck.
 I also got her bird feeders out for her to fill and place on shepherds hooks.
  New butterfly garden plants have arrived, and I will plant them next.

"Spring is the time of plans and projects"     ---Leo Tolstoy

"The flowers appear on the earth,
and the time of singing has come"  Song of Solomon 2:12

Looking up, as I push Tommy's stroller,  I am in awe at spring's returning
 blossoms overhead.  We are surrounded by the glory of springtime!
"Every spring is the only spring-a perpetual astonishment"
                              ---Ellis Peters

"Spring shows what God can do with
 a drab and dirty world"...Virgil A. Kraft

May you be blessed with the
 New Life and Beauty of Spring!

Love, Linda

I'm  joining Debbie's Party


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blessing for you and your client. Though I am much needed at home at this time, I for years did what you are doing. I loved it, as most days I didn't know what I would be doing. One day a client like yours had me plant a million blubs(at least it looked that way), and what a show come the next spring.

blessings, jilly

Emreen said...

Lovely blooms.. !!

Jeanne said...

Loved the post! I've made the candied violets before, they are so easy and your directions were perfect! You can do frosted grapes the same way. They are delicious and so pretty at a tea party! I'm your newest friend, I thought I had become a friend awhile back but it didn't complete or something! said...

Our forsythia is gorgeous here in N VA, too! The dogwoods are glorious as well!

Kathryn Ross said...

A beautiful post, Linda! So love your info on violets. I have been looking at a little wild violet growing all by itself right next to our driveway. I so want to dig it out and put it in a better place. Perhaps - press the flowerheads. Still have some pansies I pressed about three years ago!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Forsythia is like a bit of sunshine! What a nice surprise for you to find out that you have some!

Debbiedoo's said...

Hi Linda...I think you have the wrong link posted to the came to your first post. Also, if you can add my button to your post, or my link.