Monday, February 27, 2012

Car Show Weekend

      I worked in Atlantic City last Thursday, 
helping my man set up his booth at the Car Auction.
I had to take a break and go down by the sea. 
 I got there just in time to experience the
 spectacular sunset.  I stood there and instantly one thought- 
 a praise song, came to me, and I sang to myself, right there on the pier,
"Oh Lord, My God,.........How great thou art!"

Atlantic City, New Jersey

      The day before the big show, the Auto Auction, and the Convention Center
 was full of anticipation!    It's sorta like a circus coming to town, setting up.
      Travel weary,  and somewhat cynical vendors, who've paid dearly for a space, 
were building displays with all sorts of car -related products, art work,  memorabilia, 
books,  parts and accessories,  were eagerly arranging their wares,  and silently
 praying that this time they will successfully sell enough to meet their 
ever-increasing overhead,  and then some to pay some of their mounting bills.
      This is a hard life, being a vendor, weekend after weekend,  going from city to city
trying to show enough merchandise, make it look appealing, remain cheerful.
 Never giving up,  these hardy entrepreneurs, artists and dealers, never know if they'll
 make it or not.    Many take great financial risks, and suffer huge disappointments,
show after show1    Especially in this cold-hearted gambling town.-- Atlantic City.
Just getting here is difficult, with highway tolls and gas going up all the time.
$20 parking, another $20 admission, coffee is $2.50., expensive hotels.

 Will the customers be able to buy anything at all, after they get here?
Will there be a good attendance?

     Then there's the cars.  Expensive cars. Score of trailers and transport trucks, 
maneuvering through tight aisles.   Anxious sellers frantically polishing and 
buffing, some desperate to sell.    Nervous buyers  and serious  bidders are arriving 
early, scouting out the right vehicle,  and then closely scrutinizing the object of their 
desire, their next acquisition.  It's serious business,and there's a lot of money involved.

     There is an antique show going on  also, not so big this year.
Poor sales at the last show kept many from returning. The dealers  work very  hard
 putting out a varied assortmentof one-of-a kind trinkets and treasures, 
 only to have rude customers  repeatedly ask if they will take less than
 their asking prices.

    Nevertheless, the car show remains an exciting destination for families,
 couples on dates, guys and their buddies,  people who love cars.  Young and old alike.
 The automobile continues to fascinate the public,
 and there is something for every taste at the Atlantic City Car Show and Auction.

                                           I like this pretty pink 1956 Lincoln Premiere.

                                                     Fantastic vintage cars!

            This is a '63 Beetle. It makes me feel nostalgic!
          My first car was a red 1973 VW Beetle!
 " Punch Buggy Red !!!"

1956 Chevy Nomad
A nice family car.
1949 Lincoln
Ford Model A  Street Rod
A rare Jeepster
1987 Buick Grand National, a highly desirable car,
 the fastest  production car of it's time.

1948 Cadillac

A cormorant, the hood ornament of the post-war Packard,  a swan figure.
  The Packard Club's publication is named  The Cormorant.

Neon signs for sale

A T-Bird you could win!

Our booth, a traveling library of car magazines, vintage ads, and prints

Tired of the cars, ladies?  
There was an antiques show at the Convention Center also. 

Some vintage jewelry for sale

A fifties dollhouse and some other tin toys from yesteryear

Elvis, Beatles, Betty Boop, Kiss, Rolling Stones memorabilia

Cool emblem on the Mustang grill

Fantastic hood art on a  Corvette StingRay

My friend, Dan Reed's gorgeous art work

        A 3-D  wall art project by Dan Reed
        and  the barn doors open and close.
                  Dan, a super-talented and really nice young man,
 does wonderful custom work,  
             and he will paint any car or scene you like!

                                                     Don't you love this chrome grill?

A Woodie

     I had a busy weekend selling automotive literature. 
I met some fascinating people, and saw lots of old friends.
      I liked  learning more about the old cars, and seeing the expensive, 
exotic new ones.
      But, what I liked most of all,  was seeing the families strolling along, 
and watching old couples hand-in-hand, reminiscing. 
 I liked helping my customers find information about their car.
      I loved seeing fathers with their arms draped around their young son's shoulder,
 explaining all about the cars.  I  liked encouraging young people eagerly learning history 
and taking an interest in cars.
    The automobile, changed our lives, and it's rich history is amazing,
 but I'm most interested to know the stories of the fascintaing people behind the cars,
 the designers and inventors, like Henry Ford, Duryea Bros.,  Walter P. Chrysler,
  Tucker, Delorean,  the  automotive artists  and hot-rodders.  Our books and magazines
tell about car enthusiasts and personalities of long ago and now. 
  But I really like to talk with our customers, about their very first car, the car they raced,
 the cars they collect or restore, or the car they only wish they had!.

To me every hour of the day and night
 is an unspeakably perfect miracle.
                                                                 ----Walter P. Chrysler

The real secret of success is enthusiasm.
----Walter P. Chrysler

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, either way you're right.
                                                                                     ---Henry Ford

Cars is like women....if ya ain't married to 'em, don't touch 'em. 
                                                     ----Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

Thought maybe you'd like to see another part of my life,
 how I spend some of my weekends! 
This week, my man will be helping me set up my booth at the
 Women's Club  Antique, Collectibles, and Crafts Show,
 for next weekend.

Have a great week as February ends, and March comes in.
 Will it come in like a lion or a lamb? 

Love, Linda


anieb said...

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What an amazing weekend! I thought it was the best when I saw the sunset at the beach! But the car show and antique jewelry is so fun and interesting! And even some children's toys! That just about covers everything I love! I'm enjoying your blog! It looks like you have a blessed life! ♥♥♥

Rebecca said...

I wish I could have been there...looks like an amazing show.. What wonderful cars!!! I love, love, love the pink one!!! Thanks for your kind words on my blog about my grams! Hope you have a great weekend!!

nannykim said...

When I was a teen my family had a bright red convertible Volkswagen--I had to use it when I went for my driver's test. Actually it was that or a huge van. I chose the bug. What was sooooooooooo nice is they didn't bother having me do the parallel parking!! I still can't parallel park to this day!