Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'By the Bay'

  What has my friend Maureen been so excited about lately?    I had to go find out!   She has been spending much of her time working with a group that has been restoring a historic bayside area including the shipping sheds and wharves and  a 1928 oyster schooner, A. J. Meerwald, N.J.'s  Tall Ship.
She invited me to the very first "2nd Friday-'By the Bay'.  What a delightful evening! Mingling with local artists, tasting oyster stew and other seafood delicacies, and more delicious homemade refreshments! Enjoying folksy guitar music on the dock, and learning something of our rich  maritime history in South Jersey!

A model of the A.J. Meerwald in the museum.
 She wasn't in port, because she was in
a schooner race in the Chesapeake Bay this weekend!
for her history and details, go to

Maureen in the museum shop, with lots
of  bayshore artwork,  local crafts
and pottery, and souvenirs

Ted  had a cup of grog

I saw exquisite artwork by Anthony Thompson and others.

  This is a painting of Eastpoint Lighthouse, in Cumberland County,built in 1849. It fell into disrepair, then was later restored 
 and is a very popular local artist subject. It is also a place where the Monarch Butterflies stop before their Autumnal Journey to Mexico, and this can be quite impressive to observe.  To learn more about the lighthouse history and tours, please visit 
 or email the Maurice River Historical Society, at

Photo from oysters_in_circle_on_plate.jpg
 At the Raw Bar on the dock, we watched oysters being shucked and we could buy a plate of 6, for $6.00!  For more fascinating information on New Jersey oysters, visit , and

Knot work being  taught by Horace Whitfield
 When I tried to make a square knot,
 He told me it turned out to be a "granny knot".
I thought he was kidding me!
A section of the lovely mural by Rudderow
in the museum

Each month there will be themed events, on the second Friday evenings, at the shipping sheds and wharves
 in Bivalve, Port Norris, N.J.
 They are also presenting children's programs.
Details and directions at
856-785-2060 ext 100
 That was a really fun and educational evening! 
 Who knew I lived near such an interesting place!
 Love, Linda

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Kathryn Ross said...

Great day for you, Linda! Ed and I go to Bayshore Days in the summer every year. A nice festival - but next year I want to get advance tickets to do a Meerwald cruise.

Wont' see you at the Women's Club show in November - going on retreat - first one I'll have missed in a few years!