Thursday, April 3, 2014


Waiting for spring.  What a harsh winter we had!
"No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn."  ---Hal Borland

On a job the other day in Cape May, a chilly, rainy day there weren't many signs of spring, unless you looked closely.

 Down an alley, I spotted this little cluster of snowdrops.

But now the shopkeepers are busy getting ready to open, planting their windowboxes, and pots.
Three days later... cheerful Pansies- their little faces everywhere!
"There's rosemary, that's for remembrance, pray you, love,
remember, and there is pansies, that's for thoughts."
---Wm. Shakespeare

My grandmom loved pansies, and so do I!

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer"
  Romans 12:12
 Waiting for the Flu to go away. Ugh! 
Old-fashioned remedies for the symptoms, lots of water and some extra rest, and it will pass.
 Alka Seltzer,  Mucinex D, green tea, and sleep.

For  body aches
" Plop,plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is!"

green tea, Mucinex D  for coughing and sinus congestion.
Cepacol for my sore throat.
 Nyquil gave me a good night's rest.

Took off from work today, Staying in bed. Tea and toast, my first meal for a couple days.
 BRAT diet is recomended,  Bananas,Rice, Applesauce and Toast.
 Can't get our to the store for bananas or applesauce. 

"There is no trouble so great or grave
that cannot be diminished by a nice cup of tea."
--- Bernard Paul  Heroux 

Have you tried a Neti-pot?  Very soothing, clears away mucous.
The sinus rinse helps me, and I believe it shortens the length of the illness.
Gotta get better!  I'm not very patient with being sick.  I need to let go.
I'll just treat the symptoms, try to get more comfortable, and wait it out!

 For more home remedies,

What was that verse about thinking good things?

"Whatever is true,
whatever is noble,
whatever is right,
whatever is pure,
whatever is admirable-
if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-
think about such things."
Phillipians 4:8
My favorite verse!  Now I have my meditations,  and promises to cling to! 
Waiting for our new baby, my daughter is expecting next month!
 We've got the nursery ready, and she will be a very well-dressed little baby,
Thanks to friends, and the nurses at the hospital where Julie works, giving her a shower of love!

Julie selected her favorite colors, lavender and green for the baby's bedding.
 I'm so excited!  Everything is so pretty!
What a wardrobe!  Our little princess has clothes in all sizes

Big brother Thomas calls her "Cupcake".
 He loves making cupcakes,
and month's ago,he started calling the baby "cupcake"
and it sort of became a theme.

Cupcake piggy bank, cupcake shower-decorations-diaper-cake 

Mommy told him, "pretty soon it won't just be you and me anymore".

He takes his cupcake decorating very seriously.
This spring is going to bring me much joy!
I am going to get better, because I have much to do!
 Tomorrow I'll be better.  Today I'll rest.

 Love, Linda 

Friday, January 24, 2014

It's My Blog's Third Anniversary!

 Today's my blog's anniversary, my mother's birthday,
and my Etsy shop's  second  anniversary too! 
I am so blessed, with all these wonderful things  in my life,
and I'm  looking forward to another  fantastic year, and blogging about it.
 My blog is fun for me. I love sharing pictures of the beautiful things I see, and talking about my life as a grandmother and  I enjoy showing vintage and antique pieces that I use in my home, or sell in my shop.

  I am  so blessed to still have my mother, and so pleased that she's in fairly good health, and that we can share our faith and our lives. We share many interests, such as crafts,cooking, enjoying tea, and most importantly our big,beautiful family. She has many children and grandchildren, who I, of course, love very much too!
Happy Birthday Mother!

I have a very large family. Here are many of us, at a summer '13  birthday bash.

 So, at this special time of year, as I put away Christmas stuff for me and all my clients, during this long cold winter, the in-between time after the holidays, while we await Easter, the spring and garden activities, I'm slowed down, stuck inside more.  So I can be  focused on those that are the most dear to me.   I'm feeling a little sentimental, not really wanting Christmas to be over, but moving ahead to the next celebrations of life.  A new year promises much excitement and joy, with my ever growing family and business!

  No time for SAD, which is very real and I don't mean to make light of it, because I see it in others and it is seriously debilitating.   I really consciously fight any slight feelings of depression, by getting lots of exercise, laughing and playing, and keeping very active.  I concentrate on positive affirmations, reach out to others, help friends, read good books and pray.  We all have to stick together.  Life is sometimes really tough!  The news is discouraging, businesses are suffering, and the weather has been extremely cold and dangerous. I've made it a point to look in on my older neighbors, and every couple of days, do little gestures, like taking fresh fruits and homemade treats. People need each other, and little things means a lot.  The older I get the more I realize that.

  I've been busy with little Thomas almost every day.  He is so active, and learning so much each day. Our biggest accomplishment recently is getting completely  potty-trained.  I am so lucky to be his Granny-Nanny,  it is the most rewarding job I could ever have!  

 At 3 1/2, he is really charming now, and has quite  lengthy conversations
 with the  lovely waitresses at our favorite neighborhood restaurant,  Larry's II.
The staff is super friendly and attentive, makes families feel  really welcome.   

Demolished that strawberry pancake!

Back at home, Tommy wants to help when I cook. Here we are making
Italian Roasted Chicken Breasts
                   First I cut the breasts into smaller pieces, and arrange in large baking dish.
                   We just pour any Italian Salad Dressing over the chicken.
                    Marinate for a couple hours,
                    then bake at 350* for about 1 hour, turning occasionally. 
 Easy and tasty! 

 I let him squeeze the dressing, and sprinkle seasoning.
 He really likes to help,  tries hard and feels proud to help.
I cooked a huge package to use for dinner tonight and it will make a couple other meals too.
We like it for slicing on salads to pack in their lunches,  and then I'll make another chicken dish in  the next couple days.
Julie and Andy work long days and like coming home to  home-cooked dinners, I'm sure.

 Finally,  he is old enough to understand when I want him to be still for a picture!

  He  just loves the outdoors, and lucky for  us!---  There is a playground right across the street,
and playmates down the street near the cul-de-sac.  Better get outside while it's nice, because we're having lots of lousy weather lately! Lots of snow coming again this week.

    "Forget Batman:  When I really thought 
about what I wanted to be when I grew up,
 I wanted to be my dad."  ----Paul Asay
              author of   God On the Streets Of Gotham,
                              What the Big Screen Batman Can Teach Us About God And Ourselves

So cute, climbs up onto the new bar stools,to be just like his dad, who's doing work on his lap-top.

 One Father is worth more than a thousand schoolmasters.
                                                                   -George Herbert

Tommy just adores his daddy, and I encourage this attachment, because I feel it's so important that fathers be involved in every aspect of their young children's lives.  So I always make a big fuss when my son -in-law comes in  after work.  "Daddy's home!"we shout, and Tommy reaches up and Andy grins. Melts my heart.  Then he sits as close to his daddy as he can.  They are best buddies.  Daddy usually tucks him in at night. 

The righteous who walks in his integrity- 
                                                   blessed are his children after him.                                               -                                                     --Proverbs 20:7

  Another important job grandmas have is supporting and encouraging the parents of her grandchildren. Just being there to reinforce the family family's ideals and rules, and ease the burden when Mom and Dad need a little help or a break makes a big difference.  I like to think that I  help make things run smoother at their house.   Now I'm helping the little family prepare for baby sister's arrival in the spring. It is most important to listen to the expectant parents concerns and reassure them.

  I loved shopping with my daughter for some new maternity clothes and sweet little baby girl outfits.

Cupcake clothes
 Tommy  knows he's getting a little sister and he calls her "Cupcake"

More Cupcake clothes
 How to be a useful Grandma......
  • Learn to be there for them, and when to let them be alone,
  • Listen, and reflect their thoughts, 
  •  give advice only when asked,
  •  do little things they don't have time to do, but need done.
  •  and always remember that they are the bosses of their home and family,
 and you will always be welcome, greatly appreciated and a highly respected grandma!
 Happy Grandparenting!

Love, Linda

Monday, December 9, 2013

Grandma's Playing with Winterberry, Elves and Vintage Stuff

  I found winterberry growing  in Julie's back yard, when I was cutting the bittersweet last month, and now that  we've discarded that, it's time to bring in some Christmas greenery and berrries.  You can find quite a few plants growing right  in your own yard to make arrangements, garlands, and wreaths.

Ilex  Verticillata   This is how winterberry looks in fall, before the leaves drop.
I's a shrub  which grows on the edge of Julie's woods. In summer it has small white flowers.

 Winterberry, is a native holly, and a source of food for overwintering birds and small mammals
The bright red berries last all winter and look great in Christmas arrangements.

Frosted winterberry- It's snowing today!

My little elf tasting snowflakes.

Frosted Juniper berries

"Burning Bush" berries

Back inside, it's nice to warm up after a romp in the snow.
I didn't put the berries on the mantle,  because if they drop, I am afraid
 of Tommy eating them.
 So I just put a few branches on a platter at the table for a few days, and I can cut
 fresh ones as needed, and take the wilted ones outside for the birds on the patio.

We're having fun pretending that the elf  is spying on us,
 and having lots of discussions about being a good little boy since 
 our elf is reporting back to Santa!  it's helping a lot, along with bribing 
more time outside in the snow later,  if  we behave. 
 I love watching Tommy as he finds  "Buddy" each morning. 

         Christmas is such a fantastic opportunity to share with a youngster all about the meaning
 of Christmas.    I've love telling the Christmas story of Jesus' birth through  glorious carols and
 festive music,  story books, and TV specials.
 The magic of Christmas and Santa Claus teaches about sharing, giving and believing- in fun ways.
 We're having such an exciting time with all the holiday decorations, preparations and our family
 traditions,  and  I love seeing it all  through the eyes of this precious child.

        He wasn't one bit  afraid of Santa, like last year!  He's grown up so much in one year!

 He plays hard, jumps, runs and climbs - in constant motion.

 Right now, when I'm not busy with grandkids, I am working hard putting up decorations
for my clients, or working on my Etsy store and shipping orders!
I've been a  busy little elf listing many vintage goodies on my shop,
 for Christmas decorating and entertaining.
 There's just enough time to order my Christmas vintage stuff, if it is to arrive in time.
Vintage linens are popular in my Etsy shop, so are figurines.

                                                           Christmas Apron



I've been very busy listing great gift items as well!

 For a train collector, A hearty  train mug and some old train curtains

 A Hummel Candy Dish, " Let's Sing"

And songbooks.  A Christmas Guitar Book

I still dream of having a store one day.  I sure wish you could stop by  and have tea with me and talk about vintage goodness, how to use it throughout your home!
reading A Christmas Annual, from the year I was born,  and having a treat on my pretty china plates

  Speaking  of tea and "vintage goodness", I saw a friend at her booth on Saturday,
 and she has lovely handcrafted " feminine frills"   that you must see!

May I introduce Kathryn Ross, of  The Writer'sReverie. a  most delightful blog!

 Cameo Impressions
Her Etsy  shop,  Cameo Impressions has lovely hair accessories
 and  fancy Victorian-style tree ornaments.

        I hope you'll consider giving vintage and lovingly handcrafted gifts when you are
  Christmas shopping.
        It's fun to find good things that are repurposed, that have a story,
 or are  specially handmade, one-of a kind gifts.
        It's good to support small business, and Etsy is the place to find all that!
        Visit my Etsy shop,
         Have a good, old-fashioned vintagey Christmas!

   I hope you and your family are  richly blessed this Christmas season
                                                                                      with love, peace and joy!
Love, Linda