Sunday, February 19, 2017

Shot down

What's a girl to do when she's got all kinds of vintage goodness to sell and just a little space in an antiques co-op?  Clutter up her booth, of course.   Expensive space, so it's got to carry as much as I can possibly fit into it, right?    It's been a slow start in a new place, and I just made my rent for the first time in December, after being there for over a  year.  Seems foolish right?  But I didn't want to give up, and the sales were growing, a little more each month, as people discovered the mall, and found me - way in the back.

    I just put an enamel- topped table in, it's red and white, in great shape.  I figured it would look cute for Valentine's Day, and I thought it would fly out the door. Wrong.
   It's still there. So I just took down the Valentine's Day decorations and  moved a few things around, took a few things home and added a dozen new items.
My Cluttered Booth
Carnival of Collectables

Next week, I am participating in an Antiques and Collectibles Show in  Vineland, N.J. so I will clear out a bunch of stuff and take it there, It will be nice to display in a new place, and it's price-tagged already, it should be easy to move stock and take it to a new audience.  Then my booth will look decluttered,  That's my plan.
Here's the kind of stuff I sell in the Carnival of Collectables

 A toy section and a baby gift section in the booth at Carnival of Collectables

   Another  recent dissapointment .
 I tried to open a used-furniture/ repurposed/ vintage store in a property I rent with another lady.
 We had canvassed the neighborhood and everyone thought our idea was grand!  We were prepared, as the township requires that everyone within 250 ft of the property be notified and given a chance to object to changes in land use.

  But we got shot down at the planning board meeting!    Evidently, the city engineer recommended ADA requirements be met,  and new paving, Unfortunately the landlord doesn't want to spend any money on improvements.  Sadly,he  knew this was going to happen and didn't even tell us, but he led us on,  telling us that he would do anything to help us have a store, but  then he withdrew the variance application!  Here we were with our hopes up, planning a great little place where women create, where we could sell cool stuff, and we never had a chance.   There I was with my mouth hanging open, speechless!     My arms full of papers with a petition from the neighbors.  I was ready to explain my business plan, eager to give  my polished elevator pitch,   But, it was never going to be.   Meeting  American Disabilities requirements and new paving is just too much of a hassle for a small business with no money to spend and a stubborn landlord.
    There goes our dreams of holiday bazaars, and painting classes. No people are allowed to visit our building.   All we wanted was a quiet little shop, open a few days a week at most.  Now  the other lady is leaving and going somewhere else, and I am stuck with renting a building I can only use for storage.  I wish I could buy an old barn or some kind of big old building and do what I want with it. It's really tough in this backwards community, with a poor economy. Defeated again.  Haven't gotten over the loss of my other warehouse, and all the work moving from there yet,  and now more problems.

 So here's some new items added to my Etsy shop, which is the only thing working for me right now.

Isn't this the coolest handled reamer, in Jadite!

A cute set of milkglass  pedestal mugs

a darling little dutch girl dolly

   So I continue to list  more vintage goodness on my Etsy shop,   I have over 1000 items, just as many sales and  very good  feedback from happy customers!   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
 I keep my booth filled to the brim.
I will have yardsales as soon as the weather permits and also sell on the online yardsales.
 It's February still and I have a way to go, but spring will come, the economy will pick up and I will survive,

Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, 
all ye that hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24

 Please just don't  let me hear anyone say I should just get rid of the junk,  I can't stand it if someone says,"it's hopeless, why don't you give up",  and "you shouldn't  have your booth cluttered".  Where am I supposed to put stuff, when my storage is maxxed out, my retail possibilities just vanished?

 Frustrated, but still hopeful!    Love , Linda

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