Thursday, April 9, 2015

'Bout time it's spring!

 They say if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything.
 My father says it is foolish to talk too much, ramble on if you have
nothing important to say. He used to quote  lots of scriptures about that.
 I don't like what's happening in the news,  and I think that y'all might
be tired of hearing about my health issues.  I'm tired of thinking about
 breast cancer all the time myself!
I don't have any new recipes, I haven't done any crafts lately and
 I don't have a nice home to show.
My simple life, minding the grandbabies, may get boring to others,
even if it fills me with sheer happiness.
You can't expect a grandmother not to brag about her grandkids!

You're  not supposed to talk about religion and politics, if you don't want to offend anyone.
I don't want to be negative and go on about my money problems, losses,defeats, and  disappointments. Who wants to hear about someone's unpaid bills, foreclosures,
 and tax liens?   I just flopped at a new business venture, before I even got started.
 So I'll just move on and forget about that.
 There must be something better out there waiting for me, right?
When one door closes.....

So what in the world shall I write about? 
And why am I still blogging? 

 Oh dear! I just remembered that I left the clothes on the line and it's midnight. Raining tomorrow. Should I go out there and possibly startle my neighbor,  or hope it's not raining early in the morning?
I really don't care if they stay on the line until I can get to them.  I don't stress over little things any more.

Okay, my rant is over, the fog has lifted, no more writer's block!

 Oh, good news, my eyelashes are growing back. They are about 1/8 " long, a tiny fringe. I was surprised to see them when I  was applying my eyeliner this am. During and since chemo, I religiously apply my eyeliner every morning, otherwise you can  hardly see my eyes.
 "Fake it till you make it", I always say.  I carefully pencil on the brows too, and now they are returning also, bushy as ever!
 My  hair is starting to come back too!  It takes a while, I guess.  I'll have "a nice short do" for the summer!   But I'll still be wearing my wig until my hair looks good, thank you !
This is a lesson in patience.

Always do your make-up, no matter if you're going out or not,
always wear nice underwear,in case you end up in the ER,  Mom always said.
Always dress your best, you never know who you will meet, I told my own daughters,
(especially my single 35 year old, wink, wink ).

 "Smile, when your heart is aching,  smile even though it's breaking....
 You'll find that life will be worthwhile, if you just smile."

 And I learned it's true, that if you decide to act happy, you will be happy!
I tell myself  "Be strong, you're getting there".
 Fake it till you make it!
 "Act as if", and before you know it better times come your way!
 "Just do your best with what you have where you are",
Didn't Roosevelt say that?   Somehow, I am learning that I have to make the best
of things and keep persevering until my  life gets better.
 Life has so many lessons to teach us, and problems just help us grow stronger
if we keep the right attitude and trust God that we'll make it.
So this is my pep talk, self talk, during this cancer journey,especially.
I must be patient and learn all the lessons,
 and  I suppose this is how I will grow in grace.

It applies to my home too.  I set a pretty table even if the rest of the kitchen is a disaster.
 I make the entry way look appealing, even if I'm not done painting the house, and fixing up. Appearance is everything. Not to impress, but to keep my own spirits lifted,
 and show some pride, doing what I can to make things better.
 I get a kick out of using what I have and making the best of things.
I put silk tulips in my pots outside because nothing was blooming for Easter.
I even put flowers I made from soda bottles last year, into the pots full of dormant plants
 in a wheel barrow, in front of the lifeless brown forsythia hedge, because there were no
blooms in my yard.  Then today, Surprise!  The forsythia exploded into bloom, and I feel
 like spring is finally here.  Soon there will be lots of flowers, and I'll pack away the fakes.
  I did get a real Easter lily from my daughter!

'Bout time!   Knew you'd come!

Hope you have fun welcoming spring, the garden's surprises, the nicer weather
 and planning all spring's activities with your lovies!

Love, Linda

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