Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Deviled Eggs for our Angel Granddaughter

My daughter-in-law had a cook-out to celebrate our 15 year-old's birthday.  She asked me to bring deviled eggs, and we all love them!  I had fun making them  and garnishing them with my fresh herbs.

My old  vintage 40's cookbook.
I had  to consult for  how long to cook them.
I put the eggs in a large pot and cooked at a gentle boil for 20 minutes.
Tip: I took one egg out and peeled and halved and checked it,  before I drained the water off the others. 

The eggshells slipped right off, after I tapped and rolled to crackle the shells.,under cold water.

Tips from the old book

While the  peeled eggs cooled,  I assembled the ingredients.

Deviled Eggs

20 eggs, hardcooked
3/4 - 1  cup mayonaise
2 tablespoons white vinegar, we like them tangy
2 tablespoons prepared mustard
salt and pepper to taste
dash white pepper 

 (or splash of  Tabasco pepper sauce,
for more spice-i-ness!)

Assorted fresh herbs for garnish:
tarragon, parsley, thyme, chives

Cut the cooled eggs in half with a sharp knife.  
Tip:  I cleaned the blade along the side of the bowl between each egg. So the yolks look clean and neat. 
Dump the yolks into a medium sized bowl
 Add mayonaise, vinegar and spices.
Mash and mix with a wisk,  until creamy and smooth.You may also use food processor for super creamy filling! 

This old recipe from a  vintage cookbook is close to how I make them, but I add vinegar to make them tangy.
Fill  a pastry bag or cake decorating bag with
the fluffy yolk filling, using a large star tip.
 Pipe  into the whites,  then decorate with snips of tarragon,
parsley, chives  and paprika. I just used whatever I had.
 Dill is nice too, but the caterpillars ate mine.
 You may also garnish with black olive slices, pimento or whatever you like. 

Tips:  Snip chives, parsley and tarragon with kitchen shears

                                   Sprinkle pinches of paprika from a small bowl, instead of from shaker,
 for neater presentation 

I made a batch of brownies too, and gussied them up with some heated canned frosting,
spread thinly to glaze, and some colorful sprinkles. 

It was wonderful to gather with family and friends to celebrate a grandaughter who brings us so much joy!   Our beautiful  Abby is 15 and full of life, plays softball, excels in school and is super kind and friendly!  
Happy Birthday Sweetheart! 

 Hope you're having lots of happy summer gatherings 
 and cookouts too! 
Love, Linda

I'm joining More the Merrier Monday at diy home sweet home!


Stephanie said...

Mmm...yum! Deviled eggs are among my favorites :) Happy Birthday to your granddaughter - she sounds like such a blessing.


Granny-Guru said...

Deviled eggs are always a favorite when I take a summer dish somewhere. Love your idea of snipping fresh herbs or parsley over the top!

Ms0908 said...

Aren't vintage cookbooks great! I have a WWII era cookbook that talks all about rations.