Monday, June 11, 2012

Cape May Job Is Done!

  My work is all done! ( huge sigh)  
      The apartment I cleaned and painted in Cape May now has new
  tenants  happily vacationing  in this beautiful Victorian seaside town.
  I know they'll have a great time and be very comfortable.

  Ah, it was nice!   I enjoyed a long walk, had French Toast, for brunch.
 Alfresco- by the sea, delightful!   More walking, then the drive back home.

  But,  here's one last look at the wonderful neighborhoods of this
    very special place.

The Wanderlust, a  very cute shop full of seashore-themed  home decor

A peek at someone's herb garden

lovely inviting porch

This corner lot has some blackberries growing near the sidewalk!

My friend Steve and his pretty young wife have the best coffee shop!
They sell all sorts of coffee beverages and smoothies, pastries,bagels,
muffins, croissants and more!                   Plus internet connections! 
(I have to check my blog to see if you visited!)

Ted's having a Nantucket Blend, Steve's having a multigrain bagel with cream cheese

Gorgeous entryway, see the transom?

Looking up at the incredible detail on this Gothic Revival

One fabulous home after the other! 

Now I have to go home......  But I'll be back!

Love, Linda

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Lisa @ Grandmas Briefs said...

Oh how I love the porches on Victorian homes. It's the one thing I really wish I had that my house lacks. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing...and for linking up to the GRAND Social!

Debra said...

oh my I want to be there RIGHT NOW and not here at the office looking at there on lunch break ...: )

Grandma Kc said...

What a gorgeous town! I would love to wander those streets and since I can't -- thanks for sharing! Great pictures!

Connie said...

Love it! thanks for sharing the pics.

Linda Young said...

It really is a special place! Too bad I had to work most of the time, but I savored every free moment! Glad you enjoyed the pics!

Kathryn Ross said...

Hi Linda! Oh! Ed and I love Cape May!! Such stunning homes and I can't walk down the street without feeling like I'm stepping back in time - which for me is always a joy! Sounds like you had a great job there with time to smell the roses! Aren't jobs within the realm of your passions a joy!?

Thought of you today - I'm doing a medieval reading at the Summer Salad Supper at the Woman's Club tonight - need to get out of Blogland and get dressed, as a matter of fact! Be in touch!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Cape May seems to be popping up in many blog posts...I really have to visit that beautiful town!