Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One-handed blogging --Grandma on duty

"It is as grandmothers that our mothers come
 into the fullness of their grace."
                                                   -Christopher Morley
(I wrote this two months ago!)      
      I'm holding Tommy, who's my four-month-old grandson, because he is starting to whine, and doesn't want to nap. Uh-oh! He is just learning this whining thing, to get our attention.  He likes me to rock him and sing softly.  My daughter and I believe that we can't spoil him with too much cuddling.   I  am going to begin caring for him as she returns to work.  I think I can begin to sell my vintage  and handcrafted items online, and check on the online shop when he snoozes or while he's playing nearby in his jumpy seat. 
"Grandchildren are God's way of compensating us
 for growing old"
                                                                      -Mary H. Waldrip
 "I am in my glory"  when I'm with my precious grandboy.  I feel  so sublimely happy and  very nostalgic.  There are frequent pauses, I'm struggling to type with one hand, and stopping whenever he needs something, (have to blog in stages) because that's what you have to do, with a baby in the house. But I feel my creative juices flowing!
"Just remember, in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow,
lies the seed , that with the sun's love,
 in the spring, becomes the rose."---Bette Midler's song
   Often, we look at  pretty blogs and I tell him, that someday I will have a pretty little cottage and a lovely garden.  I want to share in his childhood and teach him everything I know about simple, healthy living and good old-fashioned ways.

Little boy , image courtesy of  free<3.pretty<3 things<3for<3you

  I know he will love my garden and he will grow pretty blossoms for his mommy. 
Oh dear, I hope the fishies are safely burrowed down deep,in this frozen little pond!
      We will have a little pond, some fishes and a big ole' bullfrog.  Maybe if  we are out in the country a little bit, we will get a few chickens,so we can always have fresh eggs,and I want him to learn all about animals. 
 I actually dream of raising alpaca and selling their fabulous wool. 
Our big ole' bullfrog, he helps keep the mosquito population down!
     Most importantly, I want him to know about the power of positive thinking and that the most important thing in the whole wide world is that we all love one another.  I want him to have solid values, appreciate nature, art and the simple things in life.  I take my role of Grandma very seriously, but it is also a license to play and be silly and let the child in me come out!  I want to tell  him all of the important things I have learned, and share the family's history with him.
      Oh, the dreams of his future, and sharing in his life give me renewed purpose and beautiful hopes.  If I can help just this one child on his journey, I will have made a difference.

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J.Rae's Shabby Cottage Designs said...

I love love love what you are doing with your blog! I got to hear a song that I have not heard for many years....beautiful..Don Williams, "I Believe In Love". Keep up the good work and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog too! Blessings!!!